Letters to the Editor

Letter: Young generation

Hairs white, teeth come out at night, bushy eyebrows, hanging jowls, bags under the eyes, bladders weak, hearing is bad, memory is fading, handful of pills morning and evening — I don’t resent being old, but my problem seems to be that I’m not very good at it.

Recently I had the misfortune of spending a couple of hours with some old people. It won’t happen again. Two hours of listening to them complain about the young, two hours of listening to them ask what is this world coming to. I am not about to blame the young for being young. I want them to know we were not little darlings or angels with halos. We didn’t spend all our idle time in Sunday school. We were not goodie-two-shoes that so many of the elderly want the young to believe.

To the young I say enjoy these days because they will pass. To the old I say get off your high horse, take your pills, take a nap if need be, but cut the young some slack. They’ll be us someday and hopefully they’ll have better memories.

Roy Lunsford, Kuna