Letters to the Editor

Letter: David Adler

I read David Adler’s guest opinion about the 47 Republican senators who wrote a letter to Iran. He seems to think they should be involved in negotiations with serious circumstances. Doesn’t he realize that Republicans couldn’t fund Homeland Security? Many still insist Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. We’re talking about a group incapable of even negotiating a budget.

I believe David’s claim of bipartisan culpability was just spin. Every signature on the letter was Republican. None of them were Democrat, and those are Republicans who would rather listen to Benjamin Netanyahu than our own constitutionally-elected president.

John Kennedy didn’t yield to the Congress when negotiating with Nikita Khrushchev. Ron Reagan didn’t yield when dealing with Gorbachev. I have to wonder why this president should somehow act differently.

Larry Lugar, Boise