Letters to the Editor

Letter: Religious freedom

It was not my intent to say anything about our state senators not taking part of the Hindu prayer because, to me, this seemed like an open-shut case of freedom to express religion. But there was such an uproar I felt duty bound to respond in defense of all these senators.

My response is a simple “Good on you.” Let’s clear the air here: No one has the right to force anyone else to worship, bow down to or pray to any god who is not their god. That is the whole point of the freedom of religion, and becoming a state senator doesn’t make them have to waive their rights as U.S. citizens.

This post-modern idea that everyone is right and no one is wrong, this blanket acceptance of everything, and this idea that I have to affirm everyone’s beliefs is wrong. There is a big difference between tolerance and affirming, and in this nation we don’t have to affirm things we don’t believe, we simply have to tolerate the beliefs of others. I would feel the same way if an atheist walked out of a Christian prayer.

Levi Johnson, Boise