Letters to the Editor

Letter: Abortion

As I read the Tuesday, March 24 paper, I find it interesting that under the legislative highlights there is a column “Senate passes bill limiting abortions” in reference to the “pregnancy ending pill.” I took the liberty of looking up Planned Parenthood’s video to get a better understanding of the process. I found it to be very disturbing. “It’s OK as long as a doctor is present.” Really.

As I read on in the Letters to the Editor, I see the letter regarding “assisted suicide” ( I prefer the term death with dignity). Not in Idaho, no way. Here you have a person of sound mind with a debilitating incurable disease knowing full well what lies in store for the future unable to make his-her call, yet it is all right (and legal) for the woman to make the call for an unborn child that has no choice and cannot make his-her decision. Is it just me or does anyone else see something terribly wrong here? Definitely looks like a government decision to me. Go figure.

Mike VanVleet, Boise