Letters to the Editor

Letter: National monument

Idaho enjoys the distinction of having the most primitive land mass in the continental United States, and these lands have been up for grabs by mining and logging companies throughout my entire life. I remember in the 1950s hearing my grandfather, who was an avid woodsman and also a heavy equipment operator, say that the primitive areas should be preserved as they stand, for all and for all time.

I have been able to experience the wilderness in Idaho on many occasions and have found that it grounds and inspires me, as it has just about anyone who treads there. I recently read an article about one of our soldiers coming back from war with wounds that can’t be seen from the outside, and he felt that when he hiked in the White Clouds, he was able to get some control over his PTSD and saw that it is a place of healing. I am calling to all who love our wilderness and our veterans to single the Boulder-White Clouds out as a national monument so that all people can witness its healing power. Thanks to our veterans.

Gordon Sanders, Cataldo