Letters to the Editor

Letter: Nuclear waste

Mayor Rebecca Casper’s recent letter touting the economic benefits to the residents of Idaho Falls of expanding INL’s role in accepting nuclear waste does not mention the poor history of the Atomic Energy Commission (now DOE) in either keeping its promises of safety for the workers of the plants in which radioactive waste is produced or kept, or to the nearby residents of those plants.

I recall the promises that were made by the AEC to the residents of Golden, Colo., and northwest Denver where I grew up about the safety of the Rocky Flats Plant where weapons and industrial grade nuclear material was processed and stored between 1952-92. I also clearly recall that it wasn’t until a raid conducted jointly by the FBI and the EPA in 1989 that the extent of the radioactive pollution that had for decades been released into the soil, air and water was revealed.

Mayor Casper may want to read the work of Dr. Ed Martel, past president of the International Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Radioactivity, detailing the history of the radioactive poisoning that occurred at Rocky Flats and its surrounding urban areas, before she decides that former Governors Batt and Andrus are being alarmist.

Kent Taucer, Ontario