Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gun bill

Once again we see the complete disrespect and true ignorance held by so many so-called “constitutional conservatives” under the Capitol dome when it comes to fundamental rights. HB-89 for Constitutional Carry should have been a shoe-in for passage. Instead the ever-dodging elected politicos are trying to sneak more gun control through in a so-called “rewrite.”

Anyone who digests the latest global data taken from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the U.S. Census knows that existing gun control actually kills more people every year. The data unequivocally shows adding more gun control will kill more people.

There’s also an online video by Bill Whittle in his “Firewall” series titled “Number One With a Bullet” that is absolutely devastating to the gun-control argument. The video makes clear why existing gun control “statutory legalisms” should be universally repealed if lower violent homicide is really the goal, rather than control of people.

The statistics show the gun control debate is over. All that remains is irrational, emotional, unreasonable and absurd arguments to be posed by liberal and conservative authoritarians alike. Contact your officeholders today and let them know you’ll no longer abide their constant dissembling on firearms.

Jeff Wright, Lowman