Letters to the Editor

Letter: Voting rights

Oregon’s governor has signed sweeping automatic voter registration into law.

The legislation will use state Department of Motor Vehicles data to automatically register eligible voters. There will be a 21-day opt-out period for those who wish to be taken off the registry.

Why doesn’t Idaho have such a law?

Think about it — if you’re a Republican would you want to help young voters, students and working families who move often to be able to keep their right to vote?

And the state is run by the Republicans. And they don’t give two hoots about young voters, students or working families.

The big question is, why doesn’t the Democratic minority at least bring up the issue?

Oh yes, let’s answer that last question .... The minority party has tried to introduce numerous bills to expand and ease the voting process, including through the DMV. The majority party has refused to even print the bills, much less give the citizens an opportunity to weigh in through public testimony. As to why the majority party opposes expanding access to the polls, I cannot say.

So, how about it, Republicans. Why do you oppose expanding access to the polls?

Bill White, Middleton