Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hindu prayer

I read with interest the seven letters (Idaho Statesman, March 15) criticizing the decision of Senators Vick, Nuxoll and Hartog to not attend a prayer session led by a Hindu chaplain. Words like “sickening,” “disturbing,” “small-mindedness,” “bigotry,” “un-American” and “hypocrites” pepper these letters.

The writers of these letters are concerned that the senators in question have ignored the notion of freedom of religion, guaranteed by our Constitution. Unfortunately, they have forgotten that the same freedom must be accorded to the senators themselves. Or are they supposed to check their own religious convictions at the door when they enter the Senate chambers?

Christianity is, like it or not, an exclusive religion (see John 14:6). A true Christian will always love and serve his fellow man, including those of other religions; however, he cannot in good conscience pray (or be led in prayer) to any other than the God of the Bible. It’s called honoring his God, and there is nothing sickening, disturbing, small-minded, bigoted, un-American or hypocritical in that.

Let’s measure our words and remember that freedom of religion in America is for everyone, including our elected officials.

Charles White, Meridian