Letters to the Editor

Letter: Curt Bowen

I would like to thank Anna Webb for publishing such a wonderful article about Curt Bowen and his efforts in Guatemala. It’s so refreshing to hear a positive success story of an Idaho native. I really enjoy hearing about locals bringing good to people around the world and at home.

Curt’s story was particularly inspiring as I am currently a college student who’s already been through a few majors and I have no idea what to do with my life, but I do know I want to make a big impact somewhere in world. These kinds of stories are inspiring for everyone, but especially students such as myself. I would love to see stories like this be something that’s in the Statesman more frequently (every month? or once a week?). I personally know a few people that would love to share their success stories, and I know even more people that would benefit from hearing them on a regular basis.

Aidan Weltner, Boise