Letters to the Editor

Letter: Common Core

I have just finished reading “The Wrenching Transformation of America: Agenda 21,” a book produced by American Policy Center, with 13 authors/experts in their fields.

I recommend you get your own copy of this book. First it will shock you, and then outrage may hit you. Chapter 12 hit me the hardest. It explains how 46 states did a Nancy Pelosi accepting Common Core (and the federal money coming with it), and jammed it down the throats of their teachers and school boards without knowing what is in it.

Reportedly several states have passed legislation barring Common Core from their schools. In my opinion it should be barred from the nation. If you have wondered why some of our kids have tried to go to the Islamic State of ISIL to join in fighting against us and our allies; you may be about to find out.

You may order your book from americanpolicy.org or call (540) 341-8911 in Virginia. I have been reading their newsletter for several years and have found it very informative and educational. Above all, dedicated to the preservation of the United States of America. Don’t hesitate. Contact them now. You’ll be surprised at who is behind the attempt to destroy us.

C.M. “Chuck” Vogelsong, Riggins