Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

The East End Neighborhood Association (EENA) has traditionally supported St. Luke’s, including its acquisition of Bannock between Ave. B and N. 2nd. Last spring St. Luke’s informed the EENA board they wanted to close Jefferson, too. This would create a “superblock“ and further isolate the East End from everything to the north and west while eliminating the most direct connection between Boise’s eastern and West End neighborhoods — all without meaningful input from those affected.

Then on Feb. 9, Boise Planning & Zoning Commissioners rejected St Luke’s application. It seems that on paper, their proposal to close Jefferson to public access goes against what Boise says it stands for: a livable, connected community.

One commissioner observed that despite legitimate public concern we demonstrated remarkable grace toward St. Luke’s — supporting their Children’s Pavilion and expansion. He told the well-paid executives they risked “squandering tremendous goodwill of the community.”

Rather than coming to the table as good neighbors, the tax-exempt, “nonprofit” St. Luke’s launched an aggressive public relations campaign, spending a fortune to confuse residents about real issues. Every ad shouts “community partner” but whispers “taxpayers and neighborhoods don’t matter, because we have all the money.”

This explains their “antitrust” problem.

Erik Kingston, Boise