Letters to the Editor

Letter: Our roads

Our highways and roads need to be funded at a level to fund all unfunded projects for either maintenance, improvement and expansion, and if it requires raising taxes, let’s get on with it and stop talking about it, (talk is cheap but highways cost cold, hard cash).

Highways/infrastructure is only one part of the trifecta that Idaho needs to address.

Education and corporate tax rates need a lot of attention as well.

Without adjusting our corporate tax rate so we can compete and requiring existing Idaho corporations to forgo all incentives and pay what the new tax rate is, we will never get there. New corporations will not even give us a chance. Without a well-educated workforce pool to draw from, corporations will not come to Idaho. Without infrastructure, highways, air transport, voice/data communications and a reliable power and water source as far as we can see into the future, corporations will not even give Idaho a second look.

So, the task is to figure out the trifecta: tax rates, education and infrastructure.

So legislative bodies, quit starving the proverbial tax chicken and feed it, and the chicken may start laying again. Raise our taxes, do your job.

Ray Stokes, Boise