Letters to the Editor

Letter: Greenbelt

After moving to the Boise area, I was amazed at the abundance of outdoor activities. The promotion of outdoor activities and the money that is spent to allow all of us the ability to enjoy our beautiful valley is well spent. As an avid road bike rider, the Greenbelt offers a tremendous ride from Eagle to Boise and beyond. When the final leg was completed after long delays with the Laguna Pointe homeowners, I was thrilled that those of us on the West side could now safely ride to Boise. However, as delighted as my wife and were to find this scenic path, our first thoughts were “Who in their right mind thought that barbed wire was a good fencing material for a riding and walking trail?” If someone was so much as to inadvertently brush up against it, they would sustain real injury. Not only painful to the recipient of the harsh barricade, but to those who installed it, as the recourse of a lawsuit to follow would surely fall upon them.

I can only imagine the damage a child or a bicyclist (hitting a rut or rock) could encounter. As 95 percent of the path along the Greenbelt is paved road for all of us to safely travel, we hope that there are plans in place to pave this gritty portion and finally complete the path. People often complain that we road bike riders interfere with auto traffic. By paving the Eagle portion, many of us would avoid Eagle and Chinden roads.

Jeff Helfman, Eagle