Letters to the Editor

Letter: Opening prayers

The recent disagreements over the “proper” type of prayer to open the legislative sessions and the ACHD debate as to whether to open its meetings with a prayer beg the larger question: Why do governmental bodies feel it necessary to begin their meetings with any prayer? Judging by Congress’ example, prayer has not improved the quality of demeanor or decisions of its members. The Bible states that the most effective prayer is that which is done in secret.

If a prayer is deemed necessary and must follow the format of a specific type of religion, then we are approaching a form of theocracy. Middle East countries impose these conditions of prayer, and it is evident how badly this has worked out.

One final thought: The United States is not a Christian nation. Rather, we are an amalgam of various ethnic and religious groups, each of which has brought unique perspectives and strengths to this country. Our founders left their home countries to escape the religious domination that they experienced. They certainly did not intend for their new country to commit the same error.

Jack Lewis, Meridian