Letters to the Editor

Letter: Obama

1774, and just before dawn, the Royal British Governor of Massachusetts, General Gage, sent English troops up the Mystic River to seize several hundred barrels of powder from the colonist in an attempt to make them defenseless against the British. If the colonists have no powder, their guns will be useless. The American colonists knew what the British were up to and when this occurred, the Colonists considered this an act of war.

Does this have a familiar stench today? Obama’s bullet-gun position (ban bullets which will ban the gun and then only the bad guys will have guns and bullets), Obama’s Internet control (tax and censor), Obama’s IRS (audit the conservatives and lie), Obama’s FCC control (322 pages of no one gets to read/see), Obama’s border (let everyone in including criminals, diseases and terrorists and they all can be on the dole compliments of the American citizen), Obama’s Israel position (actively unseat the prime minister), Obama’s Christian position (we are not a Christian nation), Obama’s Constitution position (it limits me to what I can do and it is outdated — I have a pen). Recognize the signs that are right before our eyes.

Galen Kidd, Boise