Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislature

Name me one good thing that the Republican-dominated legislative session accomplished this year for the people of Idaho.

The conservative geniuses in Boise did nothing to stem the flight of good teachers from our state. They did nothing to help the working poor with a minimum wage raise. They did nothing to redesign Medicaid to cover the poor who can’t get health insurance — which, by the way, would bring in millions of federal dollars for our state’s economy. They did nothing to protect folks from discrimination in Idaho. They did nothing to work on our crumbling infrastructure, which would create many jobs.

To quote economist Robert Reich on three lies the rich tell:

1. We create jobs. Wrong. The middle class and the poor create jobs when they have enough money to buy things.

2. We need lower taxes to create jobs. Wrong. We tried it under Reagan and George W. Bush, and nothing trickled down.

3. A $15 minimum wage will kill jobs. Wrong. Workers will spend it and create jobs. (See #1)

We even have second-rate capitalists in this state.

Sherrie Goff, Pocatello