Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

The question that we all need to ask ourselves with the St. Luke’s master plan is, “Do we want medical center growth near Downtown or the Jefferson thoroughfare more?”

The St. Luke’s master plan locates all of the most specialized medical services of the St. Luke’s Health System here near Downtown Boise. It includes parks, bicycle tracks, pedestrian walkways and road improvements. The proposed expansion of St. Luke’s helps to decrease urban sprawl by concentrating health care close to workplaces and transportation alternatives, bringing more growth and vitality to the Downtown Boise area. Appropriate urban planning surrounding the hospital could retain the neighborhood character that promotes healthy living.

We should take advantage of the hospital’s building and maintenance of bike and pedestrian paths, at a time when cities have difficulty funding healthy living projects. I am hoping that this allows the city and ACHD to continue to develop additional safe paths for families to enjoy downtown, more like the Greenbelt or paths in parts of Europe (where the cyclist injury rate is 1/30th of our rate).

We should support this project.

Eugenia Chang, Boise