Letters to the Editor

Letter: Obama

An answer to Gene Martin's claim that Obama needs a metal shed “to hold accomplishments from eight years of nothing.” You should rely a little less on your opinions and stick to the facts. Obama’s accomplishments: 16 million people now have health insurance that did not before Obama’s presidency.

From Fact Check.org.:

We can report that those signing up for coverage for 2015 will have more choices, and in many cases will have lower premiums than in 2014.

Marketplace premiums for 2015 are averaging 0.8 percent lower this year, according to preliminary data.

This year the economy is adding jobs rapidly and paychecks are rising faster than inflation at last. Real weekly earnings for workers, adjusted for inflation, averaged 0.7 percent higher in August than when Obama entered office.

And the total number of jobs in September was nearly 5.5 million higher than when Obama was first sworn in. Four times more jobs have been added under Obama than were gained in George W. Bush‘s eight years in office.

Under Obama, U.S. crude oil production has increased by 70 percent, while oil imports have gone down by more than half.

Doesn’t sound like “nothing” to me.

Shawna R. Chadez, Marsing