Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Media corporations

Do you realize how much large corporations influence the global and American economy, our own corrupt government, our employment opportunities, our decreasing standard of living and the poor quality of our food these days? I seriously doubt it, because the information you need to understand these things is seldom covered by mainstream news organizations.

Many people still get their so-called “news” from television, radio stations and newspapers – which all belong to large media corporations such as Gannett, McClatchy, CBS, Journal Broadcasting, etc. Even PBS gets about 16 percent of its funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The CPB is controlled by a congressional committee representing both parties.

By law, corporations should only serve the interests of their stockholders. Therefore, they are not your friend. So, should you trust the information, opinions and advice dispensed by large media corporations regarding important issues, such as who to vote for, economic development, trade agreements, immigration reform, etc.?

The so-called “news” you get from the above media conglomerates may be somewhat entertaining, but it usually does not address the aforementioned important subjects.

Robert Boester, Boise