Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hunting tags

Sorry, but I disagree with Roger Phillips’ March 19 article.

Let the landowners sell the tags. They already can designate who gets the tags and charge them a trespass fee. What’s the difference?

Auctioning tags? Idaho Fish and Game already does for sheep. They claim it raises money for research, public access and improves the herd. Should be good for the other species too.

Bonus point system? Please name another state that doesn’t have one? Idaho Fish and Game’s problem is that they can’t decide which one to copy. If this is such a bad deal, why have all these other states had one for years and never repealed it? I’ve put in for a sheep tag for over 30 years and have never drawn. I have bought a hunting and fishing license, donated to CAP and Access Yes, and bought sheep raffle tags. My neighbor moved here from California last year and is now considered a resident. He will apply for sheep next year and have the same odds as I do. Apparently, Phillips thinks this is fair and a good idea. I do not.

The Legislature is trying to bring Fish and Game into the 21st century. I most certainly hope they do.

Paul Bassick, Boise