Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gay marriage

In the last few years legislation and court decisions have dealt with the legalization of marriages between homosexuals.

Many strongly believe that homosexuality is against the will of God, and have tried to prevent those marriages through legislation or constitutional amendments and have vigorously objected to court rulings allowing homosexual marriage.

In general, Christianity claims that God gave man free will. Man is supposed to, upon hearing the word of God, exercise that free will to obey God and reap the rewards, or not, and suffer in hell for eternity.

Why do those who profess their strong faith believe that they know better than God? Why are they trying to interfere with God’s plan by preventing homosexuals from exercising God’s gift of free will?

In those attempts to legislate their beliefs they are not only defying God’s plan and therefore defying God, but by their actions are implying that they know better than God. Which is blasphemy and apostasy. Both the result of the exercise of their free will, and are sins.

You cannot legislate morality. Spread the word of God, and leave the rest to God. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

Rev. Bruce C. Anderson, Kuna