Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: GOP & Israel

Now that the Israeli Tea Party has taken control of that nation, I’m sure the American Tea Party (AKA the Republican Party) will want to increase the aid we send to the new theocracy in Israel. It’s only a measly $3 billion annually now. But wait, our Tea Party wants to cut trillions out of our new budget. What a dilemma. Maybe they can cut some more out of food and health care for the elderly and children.

Our prime minister, John Boehner, will soon visit the Israeli prime minister, his buddy Bibi Netenyahu. I’m sure they will devise something to make us look more foolish to our allies and the rest of the world. If you Google “sleazy politicians,” you’ll likely find Boehner and Netenyahu.

Perhaps the solution is to form an alliance of theocracies: Iran, the hard-line Shiite Muslim theocracy; Israel, the hard-line Orthodox theocracy; and the U.S., the wanna be hard-line Tea Party Christian theocracy. They have a lot in common: They all like to threaten military action, they are intolerant of anyone who doesn’t share their views, and they don’t care what the majority of their citizens think or want.

Monroe Bradley, Boise