Letters to the Editor

Letter: Otter bungles

Let me see if I can remember all the bungles Gov. Butch Otter has made to the detriment of the citizens and voters of Idaho.

1) Failed/refused to send a team from the Health Department to investigate and rectify the serious health issues at Notus school. Really concerned about the health of children in Idaho, isn’t he?

2) CCA bungle that seems to have cost the voters of Idaho about $1 million.

3) Idaho State Police bungle when voters of Idaho were led to believe that the ISP was doing an investigation of the CCA bungle, when in fact no investigation was occurring (deception?).

4) Ag-gag law that was rushed to his desk in a matter of days, and then struck down by the courts.

5) Same goes for the illegal horse racing law that he vetoed and his veto was struck down by the courts.

Now the effort to have super-heavy trucks use city roads because they are too heavy for other roads. Which side will Otter support? I’m betting he’ll support the truck companies ... not the commuters and voters of Idaho. Will some pockets be lined in exchange for permits to put these super-heavy loads on city streets? Think traffic jams are bad now? Just wait.

Jack Stevens, Stanley