Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, dogs, streets


Various quotes about Mussolini: “he would flick through the French press and grow enraged at any criticism of Italy and himself.” “… there were few things which annoyed Mussolini more than overt criticism.” “This emotion (anger) had always been a prominent part of the Duce’s reaction to life .…”

These are just a few things I discovered about similarities between Trump and Mussolini. There were also ones comparing Trump to Hitler. One thing that is exact is that Mussolini said he as going to drain the swamp. If Trump’s base is going to blindly follow him, they need to realize where this path is leading. Hitler and Mussolini were both elected by the people because they were always telling everyone how certain groups were bad for the country and needed to be dealt with. One other interesting thing was a quote by Mussolini that if “one were to pluck a chicken one feather at a time, no one would notice.” Before you judge me too harshly, I want you to know I grew up in a very conservative family. Then I got sent to Vietnam and saw how flawed our system was, especially the draft. Wake up.

Rex Robert McCoy, Boise

Trump’s wall

With all the whining about the influx of outsiders coming into our great state, I found out that President Trump is going to build a wall around Colorado. Maybe we could get some federal assistance to build a great wall around Idaho too.

William F. Burns, Boise

Dogs as prisoners

If you want to experience a real “downer” then just drive around and look at all the dogs that are chained and penned usually in abysmal situations...poor shelters, filthy surroundings, poor quality food, frozen water, exposure to the elements, isolation, etc. Often the miserable creatures are confined at the back of the lot as far from human contact as possible. Many are riddled with worms and other parasites that magnify their pitiful plights.

You don’t want to think about it so you just pass on by. Out of sight, out of mind...right? Yet the suffering continues. But you could have made a difference. Should you see a questionable situation, ask law enforcement to investigate. Idaho does have animal cruelty laws and minimum care requirements however meager they are. And always ask for a “call-back” so that you will know that your request was followed up on and the resolution.

Another suggestion...take a picture (don’t trespass) and post it on Facebook. Many a cruelty case has been brought to light there as posts are channeled to the authorities. And if you are the perpetrator of such a situation then you are a warden and they are prisoners.

Andi Elliot, Hamer


Donald Trump says his recent phone call with the president of Ukraine was “perfect.” And, for once, I can agree with the orange one. I think this disgraceful phone call is going to become the perfect reason and the perfect vehicle to impeach him and start to restore America’s constitutional democracy. Thank you.

Joe Numbers, Boise

Street danger

Another child was injured by a car at Ten Mile Road and Boise Street intersection. This is yet another intersection next to a school with a poorly lighted intersection. A worse situation occurs at the nearby Crimson Point School. Similar to the other many crashes in Kuna, this tragedy could have been avoided if our dear leaders keep spending money on silly enhancements rather that providing for our necessary safety.

They spend big money on lighting a city park that is closed at night but ignore all the kids waiting for a school bus in the mud and the dark because there are no sidewalks or street lights. They appear to let some developers out of even building sidewalks. Past administrations paid themselves only $200 a month but worked to improve one street a year. I wonder what financial priority system is used. They appear to have no sense of priority or concern for our safety. And the city’s technical staff is either silent or afraid to provide guidance.

Dave Szplett, Kuna