Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, Fulcher, politics


Donald Trump is a stress test on our system of constitutional government, and that system, without the intervention of the citizenry, may fail us. History shows democracy to be a fragile system of governance. How many times I’ve heard, “I’d like to do something, but I don’t know what to do.” So we wait for things to fix themselves. But there’s a problem: A lawless administration cannot be constrained by the institutions of the law alone, especially when the lawless administration is doing the enforcement. The bluster and in-your-face contempt for the rule of law, straight from Bullying 101, reinforce our learned helplessness. The bully’s bluster increasingly feels like it is the law. But our bully has an Achilles heel: His blustering doesn’t become law if those around him refuse to treat it as such. Remember when we ended the Vietnam War? When we unloaded Nixon? We can speak the truth without reservation or fear. We can organize. We can demonstrate and march. We can raise hell with our elected representatives. We can engage in peaceful acts of civil disobedience. We can kick the pillars of support from under the bully in the Oval Office. What are you doing tomorrow?

Todd Graeff, Boise


Congressman Fulcher’s petulant display of political bravado in the bowels of the Capitol building embarrasses every Idahoan who believes in the rule of law. Equally embarrassing is Sen. Risch’s continued unwillingness to use his formidable authority as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to investigate the president’s actions in Ukraine and Northern Syria, and the budding friendship between Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan that threatens NATO and democracy itself. There was a time when Idaho’s elected federal officials showed moral leadership by putting country ahead of party. If Congressman Fulcher and Sen. Risch really want to make America great again, this would be a good place for them to start. Donald Trump is no longer worth defending.

Douglas Siddoway, Ashton


It seems that quite a few of our politicians are lying and covering up the truth. Examples: Is Trump telling the truth about the sexual complaints, tax records, is he above the law? What is Hillary Clinton hiding, Benghazi and 33,000 emails, was she cleared beyond reasonable doubt, is she above the law?

I understand that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholics. I also understand that the Catholic Church is not supportive of abortion. Is it true or false that abortion ends human life, that human life begins the very second of conception? When a pregnant woman is murdered, and the murderer is caught, is he or she charged with two counts of murder? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if women seeking an abortion could be put in contact with the many couples that cannot conceive? There are hundreds of couples that would love to have this unwanted human being. Sure is something to think about, isn’t it?

Charles Harris, Cascade