Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Meridian, Eagle, Boise elections

Vote Simison

Serving as mayor of Meridian for Meridian residents and voters has been one of my greatest honors. Together we have accomplished much and created a great community. We need to see our good work continue. That’s why I support Robert Simison, my chief of staff for 12 years, to maintain experienced, skilled leadership in the mayor’s office. He deeply cares about the well-being of our citizens.

I made the decision to not run because of my confidence in Robert Simison. He is perfectly set to take Meridian into the next chapter. He has the experience and skill set to help manage our growth, keep us debt free and maintain our safe community and quality parks. He knows what the role of mayor is and how to execute on the strategies to ensure Meridian remains a premier place to live. He has key relationships – with the leadership team, staff, residents, transportation partners, faith leaders and stakeholders – to hit the ground running. Robert has a public servant’s heart and cares for our community, he will listen to our citizens and he has integrity as a family man, public servant and human being.

Please join me – vote for Robert Simison, Nov. 5 for mayor.

Tammy de Weerd, Meridian

Vote McLean

I have known Lauren McLean since she moved to Boise 20 years ago when I was serving in the Idaho State Senate. Lauren assisted me and my colleagues in electing more like-minded people to the Legislature. I was impressed by her maturity, equilibrium, competence and intelligence.

I have followed her trajectory since and marveled at her ability to take on challenges, after careful evaluation of the risks and win against the odds. She did this while building her own business in philanthropy and, with her husband, raising two self-confident children. I have long hoped she would be elected to higher office because we sorely need more leaders like her, leaders who carefully examine all sides of an issue, accept criticism without defensiveness, take reasonable risks, are courageous but without bombast. Lauren has a loyal following among diverse communities because she understands grassroots, bottom-up power and how to listen to and empower those often overlooked.

I admire what Mayor Dave Bieter has done for Boise in his four-term, 16-year reign, but it is time to make room for new leadership. Lauren McLean has my vote for mayor.

Betsy Dunklin, Boise

Vote Bieter

Dave Bieter for mayor. I am voting for Dave Bieter for mayor because I like the way he has transformed our fair city since he took office in 2003. He has managed to combine the old with the new, add parks and open spaces and combine the arts with the outdoors. I am a Boise native and I have seen Boise go through incredible changes, some good and some bad in the last 60-plus years. Being a Boise native himself, the mayor has seen the same stages Boise has gone through and wants to make sure that going forward, the changes we make throughout the valley are improvements, not headaches. That is a challenge with the amazing growth we have experienced. Please join me in voting for Dave Bieter to make sure we continue to make Boise the most livable city in the country. After all, that is why so many of you all moved here.

Frances Frye, Boise

Vote Pierce

Vote for Jason Pierce as Eagle mayor. Don’t like the uncontrolled explosive growth in Eagle? That’s the current administration under Ridgeway. Change the current administration. Mayor Ridgeway, Council Member Jill Mitchell, and Council Member Stan Bastian have approved thousands of apartments, thousands of new homes and are ready to reinvent the downtown Eagle area into something that resembles a modern city outdoor mall. Say goodbye to Eagle as you know it.

Jason Pierce is the solution to the problem. Jason will ensure that any and all development has input from the voters in Eagle. He joins Brad Pike, currently the Eagle fire commissioner, and Charley Baun, a local businessman, to team up and preserve the quality of life here in Eagle. “No” to selling our water to Suez, “no” to more apartments, “no” to uncontrolled growth.

Did you know that the current administration has approved many developers’ plans and there are no plans by ACHD and ITD to improve Eagle roads in the next 10 years? But that didn’t stop this administration from approving them. Where will they go? Vote Pierce, Pike, and Baun.

Rick Gilmore, Eagle

Vote Simison

As a former member of the Meridian City Council, I saw firsthand how Robert Simison conducted himself as Mayor Tammy’s chief of staff. Robert is a person of integrity and strong values. He is also the only candidate who can step in as mayor, ready to tackle the challenges facing our community, from the very first day.

I was always impressed with his ability to find viable solutions to difficult issues for the benefit of the community. He also has the talent to view those solutions in light of immediate and long-term impacts. I also saw up close that he is well-respected by local and state transportation staff and leaders from other cities, as well as by our employees in City Hall.

Without question, Robert’s priority is the well-being of the citizens of Meridian and he can be trusted with your vote, as he is with mine, as Meridian’s next mayor.

Brad Hoaglun, Meridian

Vote Clegg

There are 11 people running for Boise City Council, and no one is more qualified or capable than Elaine Clegg. The council is composed of six members, and after this election four or five of them will be either brand new or have less than two years of experience. All good people, and getting better all the time! But the importance of having a member with experience and historical reference can’t be overstated. I’ve seen a lot of bad applications stopped by the recollection of past efforts. In these times, the council cannot afford to be without this critical resource. And because she has such great expertise in planning, she will also be a great mentor to new members. Please join me in supporting Elaine Clegg.

Maryanne Jordan, Boise

Eagle politics

It looks like there’s no accountability or transparency in Eagle. First, last week, we learned that MSBT Law fired the city after a 30-year relationship of representation. Now, we’re learning that the city took on a $767,000 four-year loan without taking a public vote on the matter. This move violates the Idaho Constitution. What is going on in Eagle? Also recently, Mayor Ridgeway and two members of City Council, Stan Bastian and Jill Mitchell, were caught having email discussions (discovered through a citizens FOIA request) with the intent to pass a “Green New Deal” resolution using a template provided by the Sierra Club, without allowing the residents of Eagle to provide input or an opposing view. If Councilman Bastian hadn’t forgotten to make a motion at the meeting two weeks ago, a resolution would have already been approved. Again, what is going on in Eagle? I think it’s time to clean house. Ridgeway, Mitchell and Bastian must go.

Robert Koellisch, Eagle