Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Library, mayor, Gabbard

Library system

Larger library edifice? Better library system? Both? Why are our branch libraries partially closed and underused despite our city’s growing suburbs? What usage changes have occurred in our main building and why? Could a “world famous” architect’s plans change that? How? What sections and services of our central and branch libraries now are most used, overused or in demand? Has our political leadership studied and learned how libraries’ services have expanded literacy, further informed/improved civic awareness and otherwise enhanced civic life in other cities similar to ours? Has the design and creation a new and magnificent library edifice addressed these questions? Does availability/unavailability of auto parking and/or public transportation compromised library use? Thus, would central library expansion affect our air quality? What library services would improve inclusion of our immigrant populations into our civic life? Have this county’s (regions?) library needs been considered for both their services and their financial support? Have the area’s university and college library systems been considered for shared participation, financial support and services? How would growth of information technology and expanded world wide web/5G use impact our central library design and size? Until we satisfactorily address the above questions, this initiative should not move forward.

Frederick W. Bauer, Boise

Vote Arnold

I am a lifelong resident of the Treasure Valley. I lived in Boise for 42 years before moving to Eagle. I am supporting Rebecca Arnold for mayor of Boise. The single biggest issue facing Boise and Ada County is transportation. Rebecca has been an ACHD commissioner for 16 years and understands our transportation situation better than any of the other candidates in the race. She is also a fiscal conservative who will work to lower taxes in Boise which are too high. Compare Boise taxes to Eagle where I now live. They are considerably higher. Boise needs common-sense governance, not pie-in-the-sky ideas that don’t benefit the majority of the citizenry. While ideas for mass transit seem attractive, the reality is that we don’t have the population density or financing mechanism to do them. Planning for eventual mass transit makes sense, but we are years away from needing it. Fighting with ACHD and questioning its validity is a waste of time and energy. Rebecca will be able to work closely with ACHD in planning for transportation improvements that benefit Boise and the rest of Ada County. Boise benefits from the entire county. Vote for Rebecca.

Bob Bruce, Eagle

Boise mayor

If I heard correctly, and I think I did, Mayor Bieter said during a “debate” on KBOI that a ballpark downtown would be wonderful for families because tickets would only cost $5. Really? Then later he said we must keep the full 3% property tax because the morgue, and other things need updating. But he thinks we have a hundred-million plus for his library. I am convinced the man has no sense for fiscal responsibility. McLean isn’t any better. I know there are many Bieter supporters. He was a good mayor, but he has become even more out of step with reality.

Robert Goyden, Boise

Vote Arnold

I’m voting for Rebecca Arnold because she’s a strong fiscal conservative, qualified leader and excellent manager of public resources (our tax dollars). Over the past decade, her tax-and-spend liberal-leaning opponents have consistently voted to raise our property taxes. I’m personally sick and tired of ever-expanding government, higher taxes and wasteful spending. Rebecca Arnold, on the other hand, has successfully helped the Ada County Highway District hold the line on wasteful spending and unnecessary tax increases while championing projects that reduce traffic congestion and improve public safety. Rebecca understands who pays for government and has proven her commitment to prudently manage the funds we citizens supply. Please join me in voting for Rebecca Arnold. I encourage you to also please tell your friends and neighbors why she’s the most qualified candidate for mayor of Boise.

Bill Houston, Boise

Vote Ridgeway

In 2006, my neighbor and I found out we could form an irrigation users group and charge the water users the cost of repairs and improvements. That is how I met Stan Ridgeway. He challenged our right to form the group. Once he established what we were doing was legal, he became an active participant and knocked on doors to explain what we wanted to accomplish. It was a lot of work, and some users were reluctant to pay their fair share. But in time they paid their dues and most joined in annual spring ditch cleaning.

Stan has taken this hardworking, listen, explain, and help approach to the Eagle mayor’s office. He has done much and deserves re-election to continue to lead the city of Eagle.

Kay Johnson, Eagle

Vote Pierce

I am supporting Jason Pierce for Eagle City’s next mayor. Jason believes the 1,000-plus apartments that have been approved under this present city leadership is enough. He has a vision to not only slow high density growth, but how to reduce the densities. He does not believe Eagle should give away our foothills to Ada County or tear down our historic barbershop, museum, or Wild West Cafe to allow developers to build high-rise buildings with apartments in the heart of our old downtown, which are the plans of the current leadership.

He has served on Eagle City Planning and Zoning, City Council, Parks and Pathways and Urban Renewal. Jason has the experience, the passion and a vision for Eagle. Please join me in voting for Jason Pierce for Eagle city mayor

Nancy Merrill, former Eagle mayor, Eagle

Vote Pierce

It is time for the citizens of Eagle to once again have a say in how our city is run. Jason Pierce is a mayoral candidate who is already listening to the pulse of the hearts of the city. We are concerned about too much high-density growth too quickly, which has already overloaded our schools, roadways, emergency personnel, etc. We all know growth happens, but it has not been happening responsibly under the current administration. It is too late for my own neighborhood to not be adversely affected, but there is still time to preserve much of Eagle’s open space and beauty. The pulse of my heart sees no other choice than Jason Pierce, Brad Pike and Charlie Baun included among our elected officials.

Nancy Messuri, Eagle

Vote Ridgeway

On Nov. 5, my husband, Ray, and I will be voting for Stan Ridgeway for mayor of Eagle. Four years ago, we voted for improved transparency in City Hall, a return to civility in government and responsible limits to growth, and we have not been disappointed. In the last four years, Stan has delivered on all of those as our mayor. Communications from the city have improved tenfold. Events and meetings are now publicized on social media, tons of public documents are available online and citizens can sign up to receive a variety of email notifications. And while the pressures of growth seem overwhelming, the City Council has largely stuck to the plans and uses laid out in the Comprehensive Plan update that involved thousands of residents and business owners. Partnerships with other mayors in the valley, ACHD, ITD and more are occurring thanks to Stan's hard work. Please vote for a continuation of transparent and participative government that also pushes back on development that is out of hand.

Sharon M. Pointer, Eagle

Vote Simison

Robert Simison should be the next mayor of Meridian. When I served as your Ada County sheriff, I saw the difference that good, and not-so-good, mayors can make. With the growth that is occurring in Meridian, we need a mayor who understands city planning. Robert Simison does. With the taxes we pay, we need a mayor who is fiscally conservative and will be mindful of our money. Robert Simison will be. And I want a mayor who will continue Meridian’s legacy of being a great place to live and enjoy. Robert Simison will do that. He has been involved in all of these issues for many years and is the only candidate with this experience. I hope you will join me in supporting him and keeping Meridian a great city to live in. Vote Robert Simison on Nov. 5.

Gary Raney, Meridian

Vote Mitchell

Please vote Jill Mitchell for Eagle City Council. In her two years on council, she has voted consistently to control growth in our little city. For instance, she voted against proposals for rezoning, changes in setbacks, road width and parking on several developments. She is committed to working with ACHD and ITD to alleviate our traffic issues and to establish pathways that better connect our community. Most importantly, she recently voted to deny the annexation of Avimor because of its cost to Eagle taxpayers. Unlike some of her opponents, she has not received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers.

Jill is a longtime resident of Eagle, and three generations of her family live here. She is truly committed to maintaining our quality of life. Please join me in voting for Jill.

Carol Richel, Eagle

Vote Arnold

I’m voting for Rebecca Arnold for mayor of Boise. I know that Rebecca has had to make innumerable tough decisions over the years in her capacity as an Ada County Highway District commissioner. Many times, those decisions have been controversial due to the nature of the topic and the number of people who have special interest in those decisions. That’s a good way to make enemies, but Rebecca has always stood strong and made her decisions based on what she thought was right. That’s the type of person I want as our mayor.

Jim Trounson, Boise

Vote Simison

I am writing to the Meridian voters today to seek your support for Robert Simison to be the next mayor of Meridian. Robert is family-focused, has proven experience and will bring strong leadership to a key elected position in the Treasure Valley. Over the last decade as senator for District 20, I have worked directly with Robert as he served as Mayor Tammy’s chief of staff. During that time, Robert has proven to be hard-working, smart, articulate and an advocate for the citizens of Meridian. Whether it is a conversation about improving our roads, funding for our schools, or keeping Idaho drug-free, Robert is educated on the issues and brings added value to our conversations.

We have immediate challenges in the Treasure Valley that we need to address with real solutions. With Mayor Tammy stepping down, Meridian needs a mayor with the knowledge, experience and leadership results to help ensure smart growth and safeguard our family values. That’s why Robert Simison has my enthusiastic support.

Robert Simison is a proven leader with the experience and vision Meridian deserves. He has my support and I ask that he get your vote on Nov. 5.

Chuck Winder, Boise

Vote Bieter

Normally my antipathy toward politicians has no bounds, and I seldom vote for the incumbent. However, the in-depth article in the Oct. 8 issue of the Statesman about Mayor David Bieter caused me to rethink the negative attitude toward incumbents.

My family and I foresaw California going downhill in the late 1990s, looked around the Intermountain West for the best place to relocate and chose Idaho. We have had many friends visit from California. All are amazed at how friendly the inhabitants are, how clean our city is, the bicycle/walking paths along the river, how we can raft the river through town and not know we are in the middle of a town, low crime rates, etc.

The positives of our community do not happen by accident. They are a result of good planning and good execution. Thank you Mayor Bieter for your leadership. And remember the old saying: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Chas Bonner, Eagle

Vote Bieter

During my nine-year tenure as Boise District superintendent, Mayor Dave Bieter was a terrific partner for Boise’s schools, creating an environment of collaboration. Under his leadership, our community benefited from the addition of four neighborhood libraries, three recreation centers and nine after-school programs, creating a citywide environment of community learning. His dedication to education impacts our current students and will help future generations.

Under Dave’s direction, the city of Boise partnered with Boise schools to create the Boise Pre-K Project. Our youngest Boiseans, no matter their neighborhood or family income, deserve the same educational opportunities. Dave has never lost sight of that fundamental principle.

Coming from a family of educators, Dave understands the importance of a strong education system and how it helps Boise’s youth thrive. His commitment to strong schools was highlighted by his steadfast support of the 2017 bond measure, which passed with 86% approval from Boise patrons and provided $172 million for badly needed building and renovation projects around the district.

In my opinion, no one is better suited to building upon the joint successes of the city of Boise and the Boise School District; that’s why I will be voting for Dave Bieter this November.

Don Coberly, Boise

Vote Simison

We proudly announce our support for Robert Simison to be elected the next mayor of Meridian and enjoin others to do the same. We can say without reservation that he is the right man for the job of mayor and is uniquely qualified to hold the top post in the city. Robert knows how to run the city. We watched as he deftly managed difficult issues with people expressing differing points of view in sometimes charged environments. Difficult as the issues were, he showed he has talent and ability to identify and sort through the details and offer solutions and rationale where consensus was easily achieved.

Robert has many terrific qualities, but trustworthiness, approachability, along with a willingness to listen prior to taking action are among his best. He is also an outstanding collaborator. Robert is a terrific leader who will take us to the next level in our economic growth.

Because of his strong leadership qualities and the moral integrity we see in Robert, we are convinced that Robert is the right person for the job of mayor of the city of Meridian. We urge voters to support Robert Simison in the election for mayor of Meridian.

Richard and Janice Dees, Meridian

Tulsi Gabbard

Good for you Tulsi Gabbard, your series on Friday further alerting the public about Hillary Clinton and the rot of the Democratic party was well-stated. If I were voting Democrat, you would have my vote. Keep up the good work and good luck in your political career.

Del Shaw, Mountain Home