Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Boise kind, Risch, Trump

Boise kind

I am in my late 80s and have lived in Boise for 60-plus years. I have seen civic leaders come and go. It seems we elect a mayor and council to run our city and then quickly complain about everything they do. I want to thank Mayor Bieter, who I am supporting, and our current council for their emphasis on kindness in our city.

Recently, I found a door-hanger, sporting a Boise Kind seal, on my door. It is from an elementary school student named Sam. It contains some thoughtful ideas for one to do if one is having a bad day. I will keep this little door-hanger for a long time to remind me of the kindness that went into composing, writing and delivering it. There is too little kindness at the national level, so witnessing it locally warms my heart. I have to think that parents must appreciate school projects, like the above, which reinforce their efforts to raise kind, thoughtful children.

Thanks, Mayor Bieter, for your service to our community, and, thank you, Sam, for your successful effort to brighten my day.

Betty Foster, Boise

Risch criticism

Opinion editor Scott McIntosh’s Oct. 11 criticism of U.S. Sen. Jim Risch, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, demonstrated nothing but disrespect for everyone associated with the first-ever event – the Rural Women’s Business roundtable — held at the Nampa Women’s Business Center and hosted by Risch. McIntosh chastised Sen. Risch for refusing to answer reporter Heath Druzin’s off-topic question about President Trump’s suggestion that China investigate the Bidens’ business dealings.

While McIntosh contends that “asking about foreign relations is totally germane” to Sen. Risch’s chairmanship, it isn’t relevant to women’s challenges when creating a business or succeeding in a competitive market. Druzin even admitted to Sen. Risch that he had relevant questions but wanted to first ask about “foreign policy.” McIntosh insists that it “doesn’t matter” whether Risch “is at a business roundtable, a county fair or a ribbon cutting,” he’s purportedly “on the clock” and obligated to answer Druzin’s questions in the order he asked them. No.

McIntosh’s commentary underscores the media’s prevalent self-absorbed, arrogant, and elitist attitude. I appreciate a reporter’s efforts to create fair, fact-based reporting, but both McIntosh and Druzin should reflect on whether the event was the right time or place to accost Sen. Risch.

Elizabeth Harvey, Boise

Vote Mitchell

Among Eagle City Council candidates, there is a movement to annex the 20,000 population of Avimor subdivision. It would take Eagle taxpayers 30 years to pay back the difference of additional infrastructure of libraries, police protection, parks and recreation, animal control, planning and zoning and more.

Thoughtful, steady, experienced Jill Mitchell, incumbent for council, opposes annexing Avimor to save taxpayers’ dollars, city administrative nightmares, city sprawl and to preserve city water.

Vote for Jill Mitchell, incumbent for Eagle City Council.

Mary Knodell, Eagle


Responding to Curt Vieselmeyer Oct. 13 letter. Government has been swampy for many decades. You say you learned about “the swamp” two-and-a-half years ago. That’s when our president named the situation (he’s also mired in) and started pointing the finger at the Dems, repeatedly. (Say it often and people will believe it).

We are enduring a president who: reverses efforts to preserve our planet’s survival; lies daily; does not think the Constitution applies to him; has no compassion for people fleeing desperate situations; uses name calling (embarrassing example for kids); calls the press the enemy of the people (dictators do that); believes dictators, over his own country’s intelligence; in fact, embraces dictators and alienates our allies.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t feel I’m throwing stones or have a need for humility/forgiveness just because I’d prefer a president who leads with compassion and inclusion, one who looks for common ground to bring the country together; respects the Constitution and speaks truth.

Trump is not capable of putting the country first. He suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. It’s a thing. Look it up.

Sharyn McCamish, Boise


White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced that next year’s G7 summit will be held at Donald Trump’s golf resort in Florida. Not only does the president awarding a no-bid contract to his own company violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, but Mulvaney also admitted that there was a quid pro quo for the Ukraine investigation request. This is absolutely insane, and I am embarrassed as a Republican. I’ve written to Russ Fulcher, James Risch and Mike Crapo regarding the need for the president to step down and for the vice president to assume the office, but they ignored me and sent me misinformation that was just refuted by the acting chief of staff.

The clear corruption of profiting from the presidency has me feeling sick today. If our members of Congress don’t stand up for the Constitution, I will have no choice but to support their opponents in the next election. I’ve never voted for a Democrat before, but if they don’t act on this I will vote for their opponent regardless of political affiliation. The Constitution is second only to the Bible in our household, and this is a flagrant violation that cannot be tolerated.

Christopher Odom, Boise