Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Impeachment, elections, F35s


All honorable senators and representatives regardless of party should now be supporting impeachment because Trump is doing the very same thing that Sen. Graham said Nixon did that was subject to impeachment. The Oct. 12 Washington Post wrote, “Trump once declared that the Constitution gives him the right to do whatever I want as president.” Obviously, he’s wrong. As Trump ally Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, R-South Carolina, now chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said when he was a member of the House, on the verge of impeaching President Bill Clinton, “The day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from Congress over the impeachment process away from Congress, and he became the judge and jury.”

Trump has done that and more, directing underlings not to comply with subpoenas and not to appear at lawful hearings. Such misconduct, coupled with the outlandish claims in the White House counsel’s letter, is aimed at curtailing every avenue for holding him accountable. He seeks the power of a king. Our Constitution and the clear objectives of our founders say otherwise. Please be the honorable senators and representatives.

Ed Wardwell, Boise

Vote Stead

Meredith Stead is running a campaign for Boise City Council Seat 3 worthy of your vote. In an era where most election strategies are to tack to a base and rally them up, Meredith’s “I want to talk and listen to everyone” approach to campaigning is just what we need more of at all levels of government. She has solid ideas on the big issues facing our city: affordable housing, conservation and transportation, which is why she’s been endorsed by diverse groups ranging from the Conservation Voters of Idaho to Boise Regional Realtors (among many others). As a new father, I like city representatives who have future generations in mind, who prioritize clean air and water and who ask for every vote with a beaming smile. I like Meredith Stead for Seat 3 in Boise.

Chad Worth, Boise

Woman’s choice

Regarding abortion, it’s very clear that it’s a woman’s choice. When an unintentional pregnancy happens, both parties are at fault for the pregnancy, but it’s 100% her decision and therefore, it should be 100% her responsibility if she remains pregnant. When an unintentional pregnancy happens, the man should only have to pay for his half of the cost of an abortion to remedy the situation. If she chooses to go through with the pregnancy, then she should pay for all additional costs and responsibilities which come with her choice. If you claim that the baby will suffer without the dad’s child support, then the mother can let a rich family adopt it. Rich families are standing in line for an infant. If the child suffers because she chose to keep it, it was because she chose to let if suffer by keeping it. Her choice = her responsibility. There has to be a balance of rights and responsibilities and the above makes everyone responsible for their own choices. It’s simple fairness and equality.

Christopher Steven Bolton, Meridian


In a press release, Sen. Risch asked us all to go along with Trump's newfound policy to allow Turkey's autocrat to attack the Kurds, our allies in the Syria conflict. The Kurds were holding thousands of ISIS prisoners and lost thousands of lives for us in Syria. Trump consulted with no military or foreign policy authorities after talking to Erdogan.

What has this un-vetted decision wrought? Turkey attacked our Kurdish allies killing and displacing many, ISIS fighters escaped, and the Kurds ended up making a deal with Syria and Russia, thus giving Russia even more hegemony in the Middle East. Plus, who will ally with us now that the world has seen how quickly we drop an ally to destruction? Great foreign policy, guys.

Sen. Risch has consistently supported the GOP-cult of Trump's pro-Russia, pro-North Korea, anti-ally stances. The GOP-cult of Trump is dangerous for our state, our nation, our democracy and our Constitution. If we care about any of these and the rule of law, we must vote out the GOP-cult of Trump starting with our own Risch, Simpson and Fulcher in 2020, Crapo in 2022, and the man who was never a Republican but now owns them, Trump.

Dallas Chase, Boise


In response to Curt Vieselmeyer’s letter to the editor on Oct. 13, I am appalled that he dares to liken Donald Trump to Jesus. Really? A better comparison would be to Claribel, except that clown didn’t Tweet and kept his mouth shut. If only.

Glenna Crawforth, Boise

New jail

I’m a believer when it comes to keeping criminals off the street, so I support the building of facilities dedicated to that endeavor. However, letting out some non-violent offenders would also relieve the overcrowding. I have a friend who sits in a jail, been there since March, who is in his 60s. His crime involved drugs, which makes up most of the clientele awaiting trial. And he had a gun. So do most Idahoans. While incarcerated, he had to have heart surgery. His dad passed away in July. Of course, they weren’t going to let this “hardened” criminal out for such an event. This dangerous person needs to be kept locked up, or else he may hobble to some store on his cane and commit further offenses. He’s a first-time offender.

I say all that to make this point: When you’re trying to justify spending millions on a jail, you don’t let anyone out; you keep the jails full. You play the long game. And those in the justice system are experts at dragging out the clock. Let’s review the case files and other paperwork. Reduce some of the pressure being applied to justify these expensive facilities.

Terry J. DeLaney, Boise

Boise mayor

Boise is a wonderland. Spectacular terrain allows an amazing range of interests to be pursued. Its thoughtful use and preservation are ideals now fading here. There is still time for caring stewardship. Its beauty and wonder have been discovered, drawing multitudes, with this, only just the beginning.

Financing its preservation can be perpetuated by assuring that the “price of admission” to its way of life is addressed, well thought out and fair. Development fees that fully cover all expenses created by new development are essential. They are required for roadways, water, sewer, utilities, schools, libraries, parks and their proper administration.

In a development I was involved with, in a region that understood, fees of $50,000 per unit were charged. In Boise a new residential development, the fees being charged were $200 per unit. This not only giving an incentive to overbuild but causing a shift of costs from the developer to the local taxpayer. Recent headlines in the Statesman showcased homeowners’ concerns of not being able to remain in their decades-maintained homes due to the resulting increases to their property taxes.

Know the thinking of those asking for your support in becoming the mayor of Boise.

Dick Evons, Boise

Political parties

We now have three main political parties.

1. We have the Democratic Party. This party tries to govern by the Constitution, believes in law and order, family values, services should be guided by government involvement, trade agreements, military agreement, and cooperation with friendly governments. Also, believes in bipartisan cooperation and compromise to govern.

2. We have the Republican Party. This party tries to govern by the Constitution, believes in law and order, family values, balanced budget, trade agreements, military agreements and cooperation with friendly governments. Also, believes in bipartisan cooperation and compromise to govern.

3. We have the Trump/Putin Party, commonly named the T/P Party. This party tries to govern any way it wants to depending upon what the leader decides. Budgets of trillion-dollar debt, putting budgeted money passed by Congress in any department they please, building monumental walls and bullying and degrading people are some of policies of the T/P Party. Law and order, the Constitution, trade and military agreements, and previous government policies just don’t matter since the leader of the Party in his own words is the “smartest and wisest” person he knows.

My question is which one of these parties do our Idaho congressmen belong to?

Dennis G. Falk, Boise

Vote McLean

When a smart, accomplished woman who shares our values steps up to lead? We should support her. I’m thrilled to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with such a woman: Lauren McLean. Lauren’s quiet tenacity, deep love for Boise and willingness to listen to all sides of an issue is exactly the kind of leadership we need in this pivotal moment. I know firsthand the challenges of governing and building consensus around complicated things like transportation and conservation. I think Lauren has exactly the kind of attitude that will make consensus possible. Please join me in voting for Lauren this Nov. 5. She’s ready to listen, lead and bring next-generation vision to City Hall.

Rep. Brooke Green, Boise

Vote Beaumont

Pam Beaumont for Garden City Council. Pam is a longtime member of the Garden City Council, working tirelessly to better our city for all who live here. Her vision for responsible, cost-effective and sustainable improvements started long ago as a community volunteer, including urban renewal agency chairperson and library supporter. The Garden City Library is the 2019 Idaho Library of the Year. She championed the development of a comprehensive plan for the city in 2006, which was updated this year. Pam is leading the development of a Garden City visitor bureau that will highlight our parks, arts and business district, slated to begin operation this fall. As our current City Council president, Pam is known for working with both sides of the aisle on issues to find solutions. She has a wealth of knowledge and cares deeply about Garden City and its people like we are her family. She watches the budget like a hawk to ensure our financial stability. We are lucky Pam is running for another term on the council. Please support her and vote Pam Beaumont for Garden City Council on Nov. 5.

Colleen Lambertz, Boise

Mental health

Suicide and depression go hand in hand because you struggle to overcome and at times it is like being stuck in a well or trapped in a maze and no way out. It is like having a monkey on your back and you can’t seem to shake it because it is like all this guilt and it haunts you and reminds you of what you did wrong. Our world is drowning in a sea of sorrow and we stand and see the world in despair but I find sanctuary in a place called the V.A. because it gives you time to gather your thoughts. We need to quit placing a stigma with mental health because it is a reality that sometimes overwhelms us and we feel empty and lost and in need of help to get back to the world and function again. We as a nation need to listen and understand because, young or old, every life is worth saving because we are not a throwaway nor a warehouse to store people because the health and welfare of people need care and help so let us do our part and help one another.

John Landers, Wilder

Vote Bieter

My father worked for the same organization for 36 years. Dramatically, 40% of my sons’ generation believe they are going to be entrepreneurs. This incredible change in generational attitudes about work becomes more foreboding for employers as the average stay of younger employees hovers around three years. Employers asleep at the wheel regarding these sea of changes will pay the price by becoming irrelevant or seeing talented applicant pools dry up. An antidote to these trends is to listen to what employees want – fair pay/benefits, meaningful missions and a deliberate focus on work cultures where everyone is valued. I was hired at the city of Boise to run its people operations in 2004 – on the heels of a scandal that eroded the internal culture. With Mayor Bieter’s leadership, the organization healed the infrastructure and then turned its attention to creating a work culture focused on employee engagement and superlative customer service to this amazing community. I am grateful for Mayor Bieter’s focus on the employees, this community and the present and future we can collectively create. We are fortunate to have this leader, along with many others, in Boise.

Shawn Miller, Boise

Head Start

“Council staff working with Idaho migrant kids feel unsafe. After El Paso, they’re taking precaution.” I am utterly appalled by the insignificant coverage and lack of action to the Migrant and Seasonal Head Start incident in August. It is shameful that the Community Council of Idaho covered bus logos and blocked passersby sight of the infant-to-preschool playgrounds to avoid additional acts of hatred. It is no coincidence that this situation, with an “invisible” group, is swept under the rug. As a former Migrant and Seasonal Head Start child and daughter of a past CCI bus aide, I hope for immediate action by Idaho leaders to combat and discourage such unsafe conditions. As a current doctoral student, I am an example of the influence and support these centers provide for farm-working families. This undervalued group works endless hours and suffers long-lasting health effects to deal with added fears of hatred against their children. The current political climate discourages farm workers from reporting discrimination, inadequate treatment and unsafe work settings. We need state officials to protect and support this community promptly. Local entities must also provide additional education on farm workers’ rights to safe and healthy environments.

Sheila Soto, Marana, Arizona

Sen. Crapo ad

On Sunday, Oct. 13, a half-page ad (supporting Sen. Crapo) stated that we should block socialism. The dictionary has a long definition that more or less states that if you work for and are paid by the government, that is socialism. That would include the fire, police, the armed forces and anyone who works for the city, state and federal government. And oh yes, that’s Sen. Crapo, too. If you don’t know that, you are in the wrong business. The countries that serve their citizens the best have found the proper balance between socialism and capitalism based on the one that works best for the society as a whole.

Paul Valas, Meridian


I’ve read all opinions for and against F-35s coming to Boise. Some substantiated and some not, and, if I understand correctly (I may not), the prospect of them being stationed here has been put to rest. Having lived in very close proximity to a Naval air base for years, I welcomed the sound of jets coming and going. Never were they too loud or too early in the morning, too late at night, nor close enough to hurt one’s hearing. This is because our nation’s guardians are very much aware of the significance this noise makes, even to the few who happen to live nearby. I understand the pros and cons of living near an airport, military or not. And I would give anything to have them “exercise” in my own backyard because I love the seldom-heard sound of freedom.

Mike Ritchie, Star