Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Mayor, foreign relations, Eagle

Vote McLean

I know some are torn in this election. I understand. I’ve voted for Dave Bieter four times. But 16 years is a long time, and Boise’s challenges are changing rapidly. We need a leader with a new vision and fresh ideas, free from the baggage of the past. Boise is a wonderful city, but not everyone is thriving. Many Boiseans are struggling. We need a leader who will listen and take these struggles seriously.

That’s why I’m voting for Lauren McLean on Nov. 5. Lauren’s attitudes of openness and interest in working with everyone are what sold me. I’ve admired Lauren for years, from when she led the Foothills campaign to her recent program to make Boise run on 100% clean energy. She’s been a conservation champion for years. I also appreciate Lauren’s position on not bringing the F35s to Boise, and her courage to break with Bieter on this and other issues.

My reasons for supporting Lauren have more to do with the promise I see in her courageous leadership than anything to do with the incumbent. I believe Lauren is the leader we need right now.

Sam Sandmire, Boise

Foreign relations

Here is an interesting story (by Akbar Shahid Ahmed) about our wealthy, esteemed Sen. Jim Risch from an article about the 11 men who have helped Saudi Arabia cover up their role in the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Mitch McConnell and his two lieutenants on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Risch, of Idaho, and Inhofe, of Oklahoma, have “stymied proposals to pressure (Mohammed Bin Salman) buy cutting off some military backing and forcing greater transparency into and penalties for the writer’s assassination.”

The three amigos of the U.S. Senate are a trio of tyranny. They have done all they can to shield Trump’s Saudi patron. What else are you doing in our name? We do employ you, but hopefully not for long.

Mary C. Thomsen, Boise

Vote Bieter

I have had the opportunity to get to know Mayor Dave Bieter quite well in the time I have served on the Boise City Council. Dave Bieter is an individual of the utmost integrity. He’s the most personable and hardworking public official I have ever known or had the honor to work with in office. He took a city that was embroiled in crisis and restored its dignity by being the most accessible and transparent mayor in Boise’s history. Since then, he has never been afraid to make difficult decisions or propose bold initiatives to tackle the challenges we face. He continues to propose new, fresh ideas to keep up with changing times. No one has done more to green-up and add amenities to our world-class parks system. He has played an integral role in the protection of our open spaces and acted as a leader and good steward of our environment. He has built a vibrant downtown, energized our neighborhoods, and brought ‘Boise Kind’ to the forefront as our city’s image. I believe there is no better person to keep our city moving forward over the next four years. That’s why I’ll be voting Dave Bieter on Nov. 5.

TJ Thomson, Boise

Vote Arnold

Rebecca Arnold is one of the most responsive elected officials (ACHD) I have ever observed. She vigorously pursues her responsibilities, yet she is always willing to listen and is open to new and innovative ideas. Rebecca will be as fine a mayor we could ever hope for.

Greg Thueson, Boise

Vote Ridgeway

Don’t mess with success. My husband and I have lived in Eagle for 31 years. Why we would want to elect a different mayor is perplexing to me. Our current Mayor, Stan Ridgeway, has brought civility back to City Council meetings, professionalism back to City Hall and respect back to Eagle as a trusted partner working with government agencies and businesses. He’s not beholden to any special interests.

Some who seek to unseat the mayor are using false scare tactics such as, “our river will be lined with homeless people” if we build apartments that rent for $1,300 or more/month. Statements that people need to “earn their right” to live in Eagle indicate they want Eagle to be home to only the wealthy.

This is not who we’ve been, who we are now, or in my opinion, who we want to be. Let’s not mess with success. Keep Eagle a friendly, family-oriented town. Re-elect Mayor Stan Ridgeway. Check out ridgewayforeagle.com and then have coffee with the mayor at Perks of Life in Eagle on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.

Nancy Viano, Eagle

Election letters deadline

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