Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Risch, Trump, elections

Sen. Risch

May I get my money back? My legislators don’t represent me and I don’t want to pay them anymore. I especially think Sen. Risch is out of touch with those for whom he is supposed to speak. According to the Idaho Statesman, he refused to speak to a journalist about Trump contacting China to investigate Biden. He said, “Don’t do that again.” I think it is in the citizens’ interest to know what our president is doing with foreign countries to influence a national election, especially a communist country.

The Idaho Press reported about Risch’s stance on Turkey’s attack on the Kurds, one of our allies in the fight against enemies of our country. He was quoted as saying about his communication with Trump on this issue, “I absolutely guarantee you that he has more information than I have right now.” This comment from the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is appalling. Isn’t this a foreign affair?

I have always respected the Republican party and even voted for them a few times, but now it seems they are working for Trump and not the people they represent, so I want my money back, please.

Jacki Agenbroad, Boise


“A knife in our back” screamed the headline in Israel’s largest mainstream newspaper when Trump sold the Kurds down the drain. Israelis now know (if they didn’t before) that they can’t trust Trump. If Putin or Saudi Arabia wants Israel abandoned, Trump will do so and throw out some nonsense about how Israel wasn’t there for the U.S. during the Revolutionary War. And the dotards who make up Trump’s base will go along with it.

Trump has business ties to Turkey, including getting paid $10 million for putting his name on a hotel in Istanbul. The chief ethics officer for the Bush administration compared Trump’s ties to Turkey to imagining FDR having business interests in Germany in the 1930s. Trump’s corruption knows no bounds. When will we see Trump’s tax returns? What does Putin have on Trump?

Meanwhile, Sen. Jim Risch scurries like a rat through congressional hallways, muttering “nothing to see here.” How long before the Republican Party is listed as a subversive organization?

Gary L. Bennett, Boise

Vote Stead

I would like to share with the community of Boise three reasons I believe Meredith Stead has earned our support to serve as a City Council member in Seat 3. Meredith understands both quality of life and economic development and is deeply aware of how much in tension these issues are right now. Meredith has applied her experience in both non-profit advocacy and economic development as she has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission, making ethical considerations her main priority. She makes decisions with full consideration for the ripple effects that are created by every action. Meredith is prepared and will do the hard work that it takes to be on the City Council and be an ally for all citizens of Boise. She will seek out multiple perspectives, do research and consider alternatives. She will dedicate her efforts toward understanding the needs and wishes of people who live in neighborhoods in every direction (north, south, east, and west). Above all, Meredith Stead has the qualities we need in community leaders – she listens, learns, and thinks. Then, Meredith acts – ethically and with integrity.

Angela Crawford, Boise


In regard to “Trump - I’m totally embarrassed” by Monroe Bradly’s (Oct. 10 letter) obvious and clueless rant and his parroting of mainstream media lies. Misinformed rants cause more harm and damage to our county than anything else. Watch Glenn Beck’s YouTube video “Ukraine scandal explained.” You’ll begin to understand why Donald Trump is acting the way he is because he has been putting up with this stuff for three years.

None of this information has been put into proper context by the mainstream media’s push for impeachment. Including the current impeachment inquiry that’s being peddled by (clueless or intentional?) U.S. House of Representatives. The United States has some really serious problems that the mainstream media (probably in collusion) has created by their political prejudices.

The people of the United States deserve a full accounting of this corruption within our government.

Eli DeRoche, Boise

Vote Simison

I am writing to express our support for Robert Simison for mayor of Meridian. We’ve been a resident of Old Towne Meridian for the past 24.5 years. Robert is our nephew by marriage. Robert Simison has been the chief of staff for Mayor Tammy for the past 12 years. He has the experience and passion and loves his community. He’s driven and has strong leadership and his vision for our thriving and fast-growing community is for the most important things everyone should be paying attention to, like responsible growth, safe neighborhoods and the local traffic solutions. Robert works very hard in his current position and has helped make some positive changes in his 12 years, like his efforts in leading to the rebuilding of the Meridian Road interchange. As mayor, Robert will manage the city’s growth and be a unique mayor by taking on all responsibilities of the city government. We strongly urge your readers’ enthusiastic support of Robert Simison for mayor of Meridian. He will work with the community to take the city of Meridian to a level unique to its community.

John and Teresa Dominick, Meridian

Vote Simison

I’m writing to publicly express my support for Robert Simison for our next mayor of Meridian. As a Meridian resident, business owner and chair of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce, I have a strong passion for the success of our city and business community. With the current growth we are experiencing, Meridian will continue to be challenged. It is critical that we have an individual as our mayor who completely understands the past, current and future challenges and has a plan how to move our city in the right direction for our residents and businesses. We have been so fortunate to have Mayor Tammy lead us for the last 16 years with the support of Robert Simison by her side for 12 of those years. Robert has been extremely active in supporting our business community which is key to our successes that you see today. As a developer, with the help of Robert, we have focused on smart and responsible growth which is critical in today’s climate of rapid expansion in both residential and commercial. It is my opinion that there is not one other candidate that has the qualifications that Robert Simison has to lead our city.

Jeffrey Hall, Meridian

Vote McLean

When I first met Lauren McLean, I was a volunteer spokesperson campaigning for a Boise School District bond. She asked some very tough questions regarding construction impact on each neighborhood, maintaining safe walking and biking routes for students, and how these changes might impact families. What struck me then and sticks with me today is McLean’s ability to grasp the big picture needs, as well as the complexity of possible solutions, and fearlessly chase down answers.

McLean has also chosen to send her two children to our public schools and knows firsthand the dedicated educators and high-quality programs that make up our district. McLean understands the unique neighborhoods that make up Boise and the imperative to allow the history and traditions that make up those neighborhoods to continue.

As a fellow public school parent and a longtime supporter of Boise schools, I have no doubt in McLean’s ability to lead and collaborate on future school district partnerships. I endorse Lauren McLean for mayor of Boise because I know firsthand that she’ll relentlessly seek the best solutions to the problems facing our city’s schools, families and kids.

Sue Lovelace, Boise

Vote McLean

We are supporting Lauren McLean for mayor of Boise. We have known Lauren since she first moved to Boise almost 20 yearrs ago and have interacted with her in many circles including the Boise Foothills Levy campaign, conservation organizations, and most recently at her “listening sessions” as Boise City Council president.

Lauren has an in-depth grasp of the challenges facing Boise. She approaches these issues with vision, forward-thinking, and creative solutions. Her communications are transparent and inclusive. She works hard at relationship-building and collaboration.

We believe that Lauren’s leadership is what Boise needs at this time to further enhance the quality of life many of us currently enjoy. Lauren will also lead the city in working to improve the lives of those not as blessed as we in today’s social and economic environment.

We encourage all voters to contact Lauren directly and/or visit her website (mcleanforboise.com) to learn more about her ideas, leadership attributes, and passion for Boise before voting on Nov. 5.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mark and Tamara Masarik, Boise

Senate Foreign Relations

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has jurisdiction over developing and influencing U.S. foreign policy. As chairman of this committee, Sen. Risch has an obligation to hold hearings on Trump’s recent interactions with Ukrainian President Voldodmyr Zelensky, the delay in assistance to Ukraine, and the State Department’s role in the removal of the U.S. ambassador to Kyiv. It is confusing, Trump claims that he did not bargain with Zelensky for “dirt” on political opponents in exchange for U.S. assistance. Then he claims that he had every right to do what he did. It is important to understand what happened and whether Trump’s actions were legal, even if not ethical. Who knows, maybe the hearings would exonerate Trump in any wrongdoings with Ukraine and maybe even in Russian interference with elections. Trump’s refusal to cooperate and suppressing witnesses from testifying only underscores the need for hearings. Trump repeatedly demonstrates an ignorance and contempt for the role the U.S. can play in foreign relations. Trump seems to court favor with Putin, Kim Jong II, and China, and ignore or insult longtime allies. The fall of Syria may be the in-road Russia seeks. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee needs to assert itself.

Diane McConnaughey, Boise


The Boise Public Library re-imagined. The Boise Public Library is at a crossroads between users and politicians. The mayor may imagine the public library as a headline-grabbing icon with a value reaching beyond its significance to local uses. But property taxpayers regularly using the Boise Public Library would prefer a library where experience plays a more important role in its arrangement and communication.

Themes like education of the future, a focused children center, computer workstations, Wi-Fi, internet access. A library that acts as an interactive interface for users to access both digital and physical resources. Themes that honor the past while embracing the future, bring creativity, energy and interest within library. An additional focus could be the library as a “third place.” The idea that the library is open and available to all, and not a club. A neutral ground providing space for activities of different variety meant to stimulate the crosswise meeting of generations, cultures and opinions.

Still another issue facing the Boise Public Library not addressed by an iconic idealization is that of homeless people taking refuge within the library, but this is a topic for Boise as a whole and not specific to the library.

Terry McDevitt, Boise

Texting and driving

I attend Skyview High School and I am typing this letter to you for my government class. In our class we had to come up with ways to earn points for a grade. One of the ways you could earn points was by writing a letter to the newspaper addressing an issue. Well, I couldn’t come up with any problems that I had until one night at a football game. Before the game we all had a moment of silence for Masen Burmester. Everyone in the crowd was filled with sorrow for this young man and his family. I then found my issue, my issue is with drivers. No one is cautious anymore and everyone is always in a hurry to get places. Alongside non-cautious drivers is texting and driving. I’ve been almost hit on numerous occasions because of people on their phones. I feel that we should really start cracking down on people who are texting and driving because they are not only endangering others but themselves as well.

Liberty McDonnell-Calkins, Nampa

Foreign policy

Risch is absent on foreign policy. I called U.S. Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, about President Trump’s decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in Syria early last week and his staff said that he had no position. Risch is chair of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Unlike his other Republican Senate and House colleagues who have rebuked President Trump that allowing Turkey to invade northern Syria would undermine U.S. national security, would bolster Islamic State terrorists, and benefit Russia, Idaho’s Sen. Risch has only stated “America needs to get behind the commander-in-chief.” It is obvious that Sen. Risch prefers to support President Trump rather than worry about the international threats arising from the president’s foreign policies that abandon our allies. The Kurds were instrumental in keeping 10,000 ISIS fighters under lock and key. Now they will be let out of jail “free.” Idaho needs a U.S. senator who takes a global view, not a yes-man to the president of the United States who continues to make the U.S. less safe.

Sarah Michael, Ketchum