Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: ACEs, council, F35s

Stead for Seat 3

I am casting my vote for Meredith Stead for Boise City Council Seat 3 because she is the most qualified candidate and because she is the kind of influential leader that we need. Meredith’s proven track record and broad involvement in the community as the marketing director for Boise Valley Economic Partnership, a member of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission, the president of Leadership Boise, and as the former marketing director of Ballet Idaho are examples of the breadth. Her reputation as a compassionate and open-minded leader with strong principles assures me that she is a stable leader with a positive voice. These are important attributes as she continues to address issues like affordable housing, conservation and transportation.

The quality Meredith possesses that won me over is her tireless dedication for continuous learning. Meredith believes that in order to represent Boise she must be as educated on the subjects at hand as she can. This is critical if we want our leaders to remain knowledgeable and prepared.

Meredith Stead is the kind of person we need for Boise’s City Council because she is driven, mature and trustworthy. I look forward to voting for her on Nov. 5.

Kelli Parker, Boise

Childhood growth

Did you watch the show on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on PBS recently about resilience to stress? This is a newish concept about childhood growth and development and how we are affected as adults. Stressed parents raise stressed children, and parents today have multiple new stresses to cope with.

I had a wonderful childhood, the envy of most children my age. My parents read it all. Babies didn’t feel pain, Nothing’s worse than a spoiled child, let them ‘cry it out’ were expressions of the philosophy. My parents were darned near perfect. There was never physical abuse and we were never in need, no matter how tough it was for them. I have the greatest admiration for those generations.

But PTSD studies and the fantastic advances in medical equipment and psychological understanding, the old beliefs have been turned upside-down. Now we know children start forming memories at birth, or even before. The most important learning they will ever do comes in the first three years.

ACEs has become a well-developed program that could change our culture. Teachers have been trained. People are healing from the effects of childhood trauma. Please get involved. It may change your life.

Jody Iaderosa, Parma


Bob Kustra does not like the prospect of F-35 jets making noise in the neighborhood. In what neighborhood would he like jets to make noise? Somewhere else in Idaho? Somewhere else in the country? Somewhere else on the planet? Presumably, our tax dollars bought these jets because all of Idaho’s national legislators and other members of Congress voted to pay for them. California is not competing to house these killing machines.

Dirk Neyhart, Berkeley, California