Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Mayor, Trump, elections

Lauren for mayor

While quietly watching from the sidelines, I’ve been impressed by Boise City Council President Lauren McLean’s inclusive mayoral campaign and her compelling vision for Boise. I’m stepping into her camp, and I welcome you to join me.

Some have lamented that McLean is challenging our current mayor, Dave Bieter, who has been a great leader for our city for the past 16 years. But I think it’s time for a rebalancing and a fresh perspective.

Our beloved Boise is at a crossroads. The push and pull between preservation and growth, between big ideas and brass-tacks issues, calls for a mayor who will help shape the city while keeping her fingers on the pulse of the populace. We also need a new mayor who is willing to forge strong partnerships with emerging leaders throughout the Treasure Valley.

Lauren McLean is focused on inclusion, collaboration and sustainability, all of which are key to our city’s future. Vote McLean on Nov. 5.

Molly Mettler, Boise


Is anybody surprised that our GOP delegation stands steadfast behind the biggest liar in history to occupy the White House? This is a man who, like Hitler and other dictators, has been lying to shut down the free press. They stuck to him enacting the biggest tax cut for the rich while the poor pay for budget shortages, and they want to get their hands on Social Security funds paid for by the average people, not the rich.

They don’t mind our dictator taking money allocated to the military to pay for his wall. That should outrage any decent person in this country. While our family consists of military veterans and gun owners, we, like the majority of Americans are for oversight of gun purchases to keep weapons out of the hands of the criminals.

Since our president thinks he is above the law, it is time for our representatives to study the Constitution. It appears that Putin runs the United States as the president has alienated our allies, threatens our national security and cares only about his self-interest and the Russians. It is high time for our elected officials to start working for the United States of America.

Ingeborg Albritton, Weiser

Vote Simison

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Robert Simison in various settings and in my experience, Robert has real personal passion for the Meridian community. I have seen him make sacrifices and pursue what makes the best sense to improving the future of our great, growing city.

I fully endorse his candidacy as he will take the city of Meridian to a level needed for our community.

Aaron Elton, Meridian

Local elections

I’m the president of the Downtown Boise Neighborhood Association. I’m writing regarding the upcoming election for mayor and City Council. I believe we should judge our candidates for public office by how they treat every person, and especially how they treat those without the ability to make their voice heard as easily as others. I’m thinking about the working poor, the homeless and so many other marginalized groups.

This year I am supporting the candidates I know will use their office to stand up for the “little guy” and listen to us all. I’m proudly voting for Brittney Scigliano (Seat 1), riding with Jimmy Halllyburton (Seat 3), Councilwoman Elaine Clegg (Seat 5), and I’m sticking with our Mayor Dave Bieter.

In my role as neighborhood president, I’ve worked with each of these candidates on different projects. They are thoughtful, compassionate and driven to Keep Boise Kind.

If you cast your vote for them, you will be glad you did.

Tim Flaherty, Boise