Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Rentals, F35s, Trump

Short-term rentals

We moved from Bend to Boise in 2017 to make this city our new home. We live in the West End and we love it here. In 2014-15, I served on the city of Bend vacation/short-term rental task force. After hundreds of hours and months of debate what ensued was an expensive, lengthy and divisive process that severely limits how a property owner can rent their property. Does Boise really need to go down that road? Let’s keep it simple and minimal with regulations and not get carried away.

With my experience on the task force and as an Airbnb Superhost since 2012, I can tell you with certainty, renters who rent short-term rentals look for the best properties with the best reviews. If a short-term rental property is a dump, it will not remain for long because bad reviews will turn renters away.

Contrary to Scott McIntosh’s op-ed, short-term rentals are generally some of the nicest homes you’ll find in a neighborhood. Just ask our current renter who’s living in one of our furnished apartments for 3-6 months until she finds a more permanent place to call home.

Stanley Roach, Boise


I fully support the F-35s coming to Boise. Kustra’s inaccurate portrayal of the noise levels these planes would bring to the Treasure Valley was misguided, uninformed and just plain inaccurate. Pretty disappointing for someone with a background in higher education. No airplane from Gowen Field has ever created a sonic boom in the Treasure Valley (well, not in the last couple of decades anyway, I can’t speak to before that). The F-35s would not create sonic booms here; they are only authorized to reach that airspeed in specific uninhabited areas (nowhere near the Treasure Valley). Inflammatory comments such as those posed by Dr. Kustra are not helpful or informative. So much for science, Dr. Kustra. I would much rather hear an F-35 overhead than be subjected to the souped up cars that seem to be everywhere, spewing exhaust and extremely loud noise because of their modifications. We are subjected to that constantly. Boise has made those modifications illegal but doesn’t seem to be able to enforce that law.

Do you recall when the Thunderbirds were here a couple of years ago for the air show at Gowen Field? Then I’m sure you recall that there were also a couple of F-35s present during that air show. Did you hear them arrive? Did you hear them leave? No?...me neither.

Jack Hill, Meridian

Vote Stead

I will vote for Meredith Stead on Nov. 5 for Boise City Council Seat 3 because I trust her integrity, her versatility, her breadth of strengths and knowledge, and her track record of involvement leading the Treasure Valley in appreciating its resources and stewarding them into the future. She is the most recent president emeritus of Leadership Boise; she is the marketing director of Boise Valley Economic Partnership and former marketing director of Ballet Idaho; she is a valuable and trusted member of the city’s Planning and Zoning Committee. She has received endorsements from Conservation Voters for Idaho, the Idaho Fire Chiefs Association, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii, and the Firefighters Union Local 149.

But it is Meredith’s human qualities that influence my vote. Meredith brings people together and brings out their best. She listens deeply and inclusively, taking time to understand the long-game goals of any community when she makes decisions. Meredith has tremendous integrity and plays fair; she always does more than what she promises, every time, and she does it with a smile. I am confident Meredith Stead will lead Boise’s City Council with inclusiveness, transparency and attention to the people she represents.

Elisabeth S. McKetta, Boise


Questioning the timing and motives of Mayor’s F35 announcement. On Sept.30 Mayor Bieter announced Boise would not be receiving F35s in the near future. This would be a good thing if actually true. But the dubious timing of his announcement casts serious doubt on the validity of his statement. It is in total opposition to what the Air Guard clearly stated at an F35 EIS open house only three weeks earlier. Military officials were firm in their timeline that keeps all five potential F35 sites under equal consideration until a final decision in 2020. Until that time there is no way the mayor can know the outcome because the final F35 EIS has not been completed.

A much more plausible reason for Bieter’s rush to make his announcement is that he wants to avoid answering difficult F35 questions regarding data manipulation and serious children’s noise-related health effects at his upcoming re-election events. His spokesman, Mike Journee is already using the scripted excuse “that the F35 study is irrelevant seeing that Gowen Field is not being considered.” So he is unwilling to answer any questions. Expect that same answer from all of Team Dave until after the election.

Monty Mericle, Boise


I’m totally embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that the lying, ignorant, criminal buffoon is still allowed to pretend to be our illegitimate president. I’m embarrassed that our spineless, gutless congressional delegation continues to allow this lawless person to act like a fifth grade bully whose only repertoire is lying, intimidation and childish name calling. I’m embarrassed that this low-life has been allowed to lie 12,000-plus times, to continually break the law, to slander and libel hard-working Americans for no reason other than daring to disagree the “stable genius (idiot)” and to every day ignore the rule of law and violate every part of the constitution. GOP, if you want to keep our democracy, our separation of powers, you have to put country before party in the face of this wanna-be narcissistic dictator. Stand up for America, not just your own reelection.

Monroe Bradley, Boise