Letters to the Editor

Letters: Politics, Trump, local votes


We struggle and contend with each other over political and governmental issues because we don’t know who to believe. Democrats don’t trust the Republicans, and Republicans don’t trust the Democrats. We spend millions in court proceedings and congressional hearings, trying to determine who is telling the truth.

Recently, it was discovered that 64% of bottled water came from tap water; costing Americans over $35 billion a year for no or little benefit. Findings like this cause consumers to distrust business claims, government policies, and elected officials.

One study reported 90% of all leadership failures were character failures. Henry Thoreau observed, “For every thousand people hacking at the leaves of evil, there is but one chopping at the root.” The root of most or our problems is attempting to solve our social and governmental problems by hacking at the leaves of our social ills, while ignoring the root causes. (Dishonesty, corruption and cover-ups, etc.)

We can put guard rails on our windy mountain roads (root solution); or we can put expensive ambulances in the valley to clean up the carnage. Maybe we should begin with the high chair and not wait until we are forced to use the electric chair.

Morris Bastian, Boise


It’s difficult to feel pity for Republican politicians who’re now caught up in a dilemma very similar to the one faced by Michael Douglas in the highly acclaimed “Fatal Attraction” movie. The actor’s illicit and immoral relationship with another mentally unstable individual didn’t end well.

Republicans are stumbling, stuttering and hiding from cameras as they search for a way to justify their relationship with a president who’s on a freeway to impeachment. This is particularly difficult because most had openly declared Donald Trump unstable and unfit to govern before his election. Although the current chaos was predictable, Republicans feel it’s a high price to pay for a brief relationship they reluctantly embraced to save their careers and political power.

No one knows how this real-life political drama will end but a few Republicans will clearly honor the code that makes disloyalty to their mob leader the cardinal sin.

Republicans accustomed to working with special interest groups consider loyalty a two-way street. Trump’s loyalty is non-existent, leaving Republicans with few options. Continue supporting his unconstitutional behavior and put their personal careers on the Titanic. Abandon him and watch this unstable, vengeful president take the entire Republican party down with him.

Irene Greenough, Boise


Compulsive gamblers usually die broke, but here’s a few predictions they can take to the bank: The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, with little help from Republicans, will impeach President Trump.

Polls will convince many of Trump’s Senate enablers that continuing to support his criminal behavior will cost them their own jobs and political power. Like one of Siegfried and Roy’s white tigers, they’ll turn on Trump and pray voters quickly forget that Republicans conned them into electing him. This dramatic Republican U-turn will result in Trump’s conviction. Mike Pence, his GOP clone, replaces him until January 2021.

Republicans know voters have notoriously short memories. In 2020, they’ll also dump Pence and nominate another GOP knight in shining armor who’ll protect America from evil Democrat Socialists.

Voters will give Democrats an opportunity to block Trump’s effort to replace Democracy with an authoritarian theocracy. They must simply choose qualified candidates with unquestionable integrity.

To win, establishment and progressive Democrats must overcome their tendency to self-destruct by agreeing on the most democratic nominating process in American history. The candidate earning the most primary delegates will be their presidential nominee. The second-place finisher proudly agrees to become his or her running mate.

Terri Montgomery, Boise

Local votes

We’re supporting Scigliano for Seat 1, Hallyburton for Seat 3 and Clegg for Seat 5 for Boise City Council. Brittney Scigliano is a neighborhood leader who has the proven experience (testimony at dozens of P & Z and City Council hearings) and skills to bring people together to help solve complex problems. Jimmy Hallyburton has a fresh vision and is an energetic and enthusiastic advocate for safe bicycling. Elaine Clegg has the experience and the leadership skills needed to provide the necessary continuity as we add new city council members. All three of them will best represent our vision for neighborhood protection, open space preservation, renewable energy and sane transportation choices.

Anne and Alan Hausrath, Boise