Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Mayor, Trump, crime

Little Roberts for mayor

By managing Meridian’s growth wisely, I’m throwing my full support behind Anne Little Roberts to be Meridian’s next mayor. I was in the Meridian Chamber before Anne was made its president and CEO, and wow, what a difference she made. Anne was a dynamic force for collaboration and wise management, all without calling attention to herself.

For 30 years I’ve been training and coaching managers and leaders; I know good leadership when I see it. Good leaders don’t think too highly of themselves, nor do they feel entitled. Instead, they see the strengths of the people on the team and capitalize on those strengths for the good of the team. Anne instinctively demonstrates these vital leadership traits. Other leaders see these skills in Anne, too: The Idaho Chamber Alliance elected her their president.

Anne continued to demonstrate these strengths in her four years on the Meridian City Council. She sees what needs to happen but truly listens when people have something to say. With Anne’s ability to collaborate, connect and manage growth wisely, I believe she is just what Meridian needs right now, and I’m firmly convinced she deserves our vote.

Daniel Bobinski, Boise


Our playground bully president continues to whine about the House starting impeachment proceedings. In my opinion, impeachment is long overdue. Bill Clinton didn’t whine when he was impeached for making a poor moral decision. That’s not even an impeachable offense.

Trump has broken so many laws, it’s hard to count. Soliciting and colluding with foreign governments to meddle in our elections is breaking the law and our Constitution. Covering up his actions is also breaking the law. Trump is a danger to our democracy. He continues to use his office for personal gain. He’s exceeded Bill Clinton by far in exercising poor moral judgment, as well.

How can Idaho’s senators and representatives continue to support Trump? What are they afraid of? They all claim to have Christian values, but they continue to allow Trump to trample our democracy and trample anyone in his way. C’mon guys – step up and do your job. Trump has no business staying in office as the president of our country. Put your country over party for a change.

Marian L. Herz, Boise

Middle East

I have been wondering about situation in the Middle East for a while. This is what I don’t understand. President Trump has been complaining about NATO not paying there fair share, but then in the very next breath he sends troops to Saudi Arabia. Now, are you going to tell me that Saudi Arabia is so poor that they can’t provide protection for their territory and people?

It seems to me that the Middle East needs to settle their own problems without American intervention. Why are we there? Is it to provoke a war with Iran so the oil companies can steal their assets like they did under the lies of George Bush and his war in Iraq? It seems we have enough problems in our own land let alone dealing with others.

When I look at the history of America, the genocide of the native Americans, the stealing of lands, they don’t show me that they are truly capable of being a leader. My opinion for what it is worth is let’s pull out of the Middle East, all troops. Let Israel learn to work with their neighbors. Stop being the aggressor.

Jerry Johnson, Payette

Crime and punishment

Regarding Mr. Byrd, 19, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was let off only to serve probation. District Judge Richard Greenwood felt Mr. Byrd could be rehabilitated. The issue at hand however, is: Should he be punished for a crime he admits he did? The message our judge sent in his leniency is two-fold: 1) A person can get away with being high and beating up someone. 2) Our female population is now open to assault and possible rape without hope of recourse. The victim in the situation will have to live with trauma for the rest of her life. However, Mr. Byrd will be free to do as he pleases tomorrow. We should be punishing the offense on behalf of the offended. Justice is not the same as rehabilitation.

Mary Panzer, Meridian