Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Politics, Trump, documents


Put the “U” back in USA. What we need today is a true adult leader who understands the USA starts with the word united, not divided. It’s time for someone to be more grown up and find ways to listen to and unite all of us for common good. It starts simply by not splitting us farther and farther apart, for political and money criteria, by using childish, name-calling titles. Name calling is juvenile at best.

If the Democrats are to be labeled “Dems” by our leaders, followers, and the media, then the opponents of Dems need to be labeled the GOP’s. If our child-like leaders, using name calling to un-unite followers of Democrats, then they should do the same. For instance, opposite of “Socialists” is “Fascist” and the opposite of “Liberals” could be “cheap-sees.” So then, if those “Fascist, GOP’s, cheap-sees” don’t stop picking on those “Socialist, Dems, Liberals,” I say we will need to put both of them in “time out” and call their parents.

Someone needs to be a grown up again in the “Semi-United” States of America. Make America U again.

Kip Moggridge, Boise


The Democrats are ramping up the impeachment drive and unfortunately the airwaves are talking about nothing but impeachment. If President Trump is so bad, why didn’t Hilliary win by a landslide? If you listen to Hilliary, Mr. Trump is terribly defective, but what does that say about her appeal in 2016? She should have been able to win more states in 2016, but the voters evaluated the choices and put Mr. Trump in office.

And if President Trump is so bad now, why don’t the Democrats just take their arguments and proposals to the voters in 2020 and let the voters decide again who should occupy the White House? The constant emphasis by the Democrats to get ahead by smearing,investigating, and punishing the president and everyone who works for him or associates with him is politics at its worst. The Democrats should focus on getting something done for the American people. I believe the Founding Fathers intended our Senators and Representatives to get to work, robustly debate the issues, and arrive at solutions, not let animosity and hatred get to the point of a poorly functioning federal government.

John Nerison, Boise


Innocuous impeachment, a charge of misconduct in public office is a serious offense. Right? The Senate has conducted formal impeachment trials with seven acquittals, eight convictions, three dismissals. Only two presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, have been impeached by the House of Representatives in U.S. history. Neither was removed from office. Now if I was a smart Socialist like Pelosi, Schumer, Nutjob Nadler or the other 23 failed, losing Democrats, I’d be against this dog-and-pony show. Typically, this term is used in a pejorative sense to connote disdain, jocular lack of appreciation, or distrust of the message being presented. If you want Trump elected again....pray. Pray these political baboons of socialist democrats keep this idea alive.

This will be a landslide Trump victory, as it’s obvious the lost, bewildered and confusing messages to the public are helping him immensely. You’re about to witness one of the greatest comebacks of all. Americans (not socialists) will no longer accept mediocrity, legerdemain or unlettered attorney politicians to screw up God’s country. Christians – say a prayer. Ask for President Trump’s victory. Let’s keep Making America Great Again.

Dana Savino, Nampa

White House documents

Sen. Risch invited me to read the White House documents. Not a good idea, senator, because I did. What has clearly occurred is extortion of congressional funds (the people’s money) meant to help an invaded country in return for a favor. This is an abuse of executive power under article II of the Constitution. Article I is now required to respond. It’s that simple, senator. I expect my legislative branch to do its duty under article I.

I’m looking at you, Idaho delegation.

Richard Boozel, Star