Letters to the Editor

Letters: Trump, California, CWI


We tread on dangerous territory now. No man is above the law. When any individual is removed from the rules and laws of our American society, we essentially burn the Constitution and call ourselves a dictatorship. Our families didn’t fight wars against dictators to see the day our Constitution and American values burn.

Donald Trump and his legal team are treading new waters and edging closer to the end of American rule of law. This week his legal team has stated that a sitting president cannot be “investigated … or otherwise subjected to the criminal process.” The lawyers stated lawsuits are distracting. If this is allowed to stand, we are giving Trump unlimited powers with no consequences, essentially creating a dictatorship. We are a country of three houses of government and laws, not a dictatorship. He could easily declare by executive order whatever he chooses, including nullifying the upcoming election or even the Constitution entirely, reforming the government to his liking.

Trump’s administration has lost 94% of their lawsuits involving illegal policy changes. This should impress upon us that his policies don’t hold up under our societies rules and laws. These lawsuits are not frivolous suits.

Perry Lea, Eagle

Go back to California?

We are on vacation from Wisconsin, touring your fine city and countryside in a rented Mustang convertible, which is a great way to see the sights. Although we are enjoying your city, you’ve got one problem that needs to be fixed. Because our rental has California plates, we were told today in no uncertain terms “to get the (expletive) out of here and go back to California.” Well, we won’t be heading back to California, but we just might pack up our good ol’ vacation dollars and head back to the Frozen Tundra sooner rather than later before somebody does something more stupid to us or our evil-plated car.

Tom Fitzgerald, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Teen development

Does the very thought of a having a teenager in your home make you shudder with fear? You are not alone. The teen years can be trying for parents and caregivers (not to mention for the teens themselves); but those years can be triumphant, as well.

Teenagers experience tremendous growth and change (physically, intellectually, morally, spiritually, socially and emotionally) during this stage of development. Teens strive to determine their identities and values, learn how to make their own decisions, and ultimately work to create separation from their families. Many adults think that teens no longer want or need their guidance; but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Adolescents need guidance during this developmental stage in order to transition into a healthy adulthood.

Teenagers who are in foster care are no exception. They need foster parents to nurture and support them. Do you have what it takes to foster a teen? Supports are available to help meet the youth’s needs. Attend a foster care informational meeting to learn more how you can make a difference in the life of a child.

To view calendar of upcoming info meetings, visit https://familyrtc.org/fosteringidaho/events or call 211.

Monique Layton, Mountain Home

Op-ed response

A quick comment in response to John Jagosh’s op-ed in the Sept. 23 Statesman. I have known Mr. Jagosh for 30 years. Mr. Jagosh is like many conservatives in suburban Portland: He wants the city to be an urban Disneyland, without paying for any of it.

Portland has many challenges. Mass transit and bike lanes are not among them, beyond needing more of both to accommodate an exploding population drawn to the city by the progressive ideas Mr. Jagosh scorns. The resulting lack of affordable housing is a problem, and that — not legalization of marijuana — is the disease of which our houseless population is a symptom.

Portland is finding its own way, organically, by the work of the people who — unlike Mr. Jagosh — actually live here. I hope that the beautiful city of Boise will do the same.

Adam McIsaac, Portland


My husband was talking to a friend the other day about growth, and the friend said it didn’t bother him because he lived in a “cocoon” where there is little or no growth. It occurred to me that maybe part of the reason city leaders don’t seem to be willing to call a halt to all this growth or at least slow it down (congrats to Eagle) is that too many of them live in a “cocoon” of their own, mostly in the north or east ends.

I would like to see them get out more and talk to people who live in northwest Boise or out off Park Center Boulevard where they are always constructing. If they did that, they might have a better idea of what the average Boisean is living with. Of course if they really wanted to know how people feel about growth issues, they could always commission a professional poll and have it supervised by the BSU Survey Research Center.

Jean McNeil, Boise

CWI property

Scott McIntosh’s article of Sept. 20 was quite critical of how the CWI has operated. One statement was totally incorrect stating that the Boise site “was purchased without an advanced appraisal.” You may not understand buying real estate but the general procedure is to put a property under contract with the closing subject to due diligence which is exactly what they did. The appraisal did justify the purchase price which was completed prior to closing. The assessed value of undeveloped land has little to do with its market value; few people in Ada County would sell their property at its assessed value.

CWI has been successful, possibly the fastest growing community college in history. It is governed by an elected Board of Trustees who hires the school administration, and set all policy,

This board makes decisions very carefully after weighing all possibilities, analyzing all information available, always considering what is best for the students. If mistakes were made, it certainly was not because the school is run by people who don’t have a clue.

The article stepped hard on the toes of some very intelligent, dedicated, well informed trustees and administrators. I’m not sure you qualify to criticize or advise them.

Roger Michener, Boise

Tax collectors

I want to praise the county treasurers in Idaho. The tax collectors are in empathy for the seniors. Many, many seniors are having a very hard time paying the real estate taxes. Maybe, it is time for a tax revolt. I am a senior.

Dean Montgomery, Boise

Clean air

A breath of clean air, as sweet and energizing as a perfectly kicked ball soaring into the back of a net. Here in Idaho, thousands of kids just like me depend on clean air to play soccer and thrive in the outdoor areas that we call our home. Yet around the world, more than 8 million people die each year due to results directly caused by air pollution. An overwhelming portion of those deaths can be attributed to dirty-energy CO2 emissions. That’s why I applaud the Eagle City Council for bringing 100% renewable energy to the forefront. In order to make sure kids like me can enjoy our lives and have a livable future, we need a complete shift to clean renewable energy.

But more importantly, we must bring down the travesty that is 8 million people dead due to unneeded air pollution, and we aren’t too small to play a part. Recently, thousands of Idahoans made their voices heard at the Climate Strike. I beg you; don’t let the strike just be a moment in time. Make it a rallying cry to push to 100% clean renewable energy by 2035. Our lives depend on it.

Aaron Stigile, Eagle

Simison for mayor

Robert Simison is the right person, at the right time, to lead Meridian as mayor. For over two decades, I have had the blessing of raising kids, building a business and connecting with community in this treasured city. In recent years, the unprecedented growth of Meridian has brought many challenges to our doorstep. This has highlighted the need for experienced leadership. Leadership that can hold tight to the values that have made Meridian great, while forging ahead with vision. Because the stakes are so high, I strongly endorse Robert Simison for mayor. I have known Robert for years. His experience working side by side with Mayor Tammy along with his strong character make Robert the most qualified leader for the job. He has the knowledge, relationships and strategic community alliances to bring solutions to the unique obstacles our city faces. Join me in voting for Robert Simison and keep Meridian the top place in Idaho to live, work and play.

Rebecca Zanders, Meridian

Congressional leadership

It comes as no surprise that the spineless Idaho Congressional delegation jumps in to support Trump when all the facts are not known yet. The state is growing very fast, and we need strong leadership not these jellyfish who can’t think for themselves.

Alan Mackey, Meridian