Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Garden City, California, F35s

Garden City Council

For starters, my compliments to the Idaho Staesman for bringing to our attention the history of neo-Nazi Patrick Little who is seeking a seat on the Garden City Council. There is no place in this valley for an anti-Semite, endorsed by David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan, to hold a position of any authority, and I implore voters in Garden City to cast their ballots for anyone other than Patrick Little.

On another subject, how is it possible that our legal system can allow ACHD to condemn a property as a result of the property owner’s refusal to accept the district’s offer to purchase it? Although some negotiations had reportedly taken place, the property owner apparently doesn’t believe that he is being offered a fair market value. So, instead of ACHD taking the matter to a court to determine what’s fair or not, the big, bad bully of a district wants to be able to just walk in and take the property by eminent domain. This kind of harassment, intimidation and tyranny against small business owners has occurred far too often and I, for one, cannot understand how this type of thing is allowed to happen.

Helen Fisher, Eagle


I know, nobody wants to hear from another Californian, but I use this as a warning to a city I have fallen in love with. Don’t turn into California. Born and raised in San Diego, I’ve spent all of my life in our beach town and never thought I could leave. Working in politics, I am literally watching my city and state crumble in front of me with no end in sight.

From raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, to decriminalizing laws so our state is now rampant with homeless. It can all happen to Boise. Imagine living in a state that cares more about housing illegal immigrants than their own veterans. On top of that, California has banned plastic grocery bags, plastic straws, Styrofoam containers, and required every new home to be built with solar panels (adding an average of $10,000 per home); all in the name of climate change. Don’t forget, we also have a 47.3 cent per gallon gas tax to “fix the roads.” Where and when is the line drawn? Boise, this is a warning from California. Don’t let this happen to you.

Miles Himmel, San Diego


Regarding “Iran standoffs test Trump’s willingness to employ force….as eager as he is in fight with 280 characters on Twitter, Trump has proved profoundly reluctant to fight with live ammunition on a real battlefield.” (9/22/2019) I fail to understand why it is wrong to show reluctance to go to war. Should the president have bombed Iran impulsively to show that he is strong?

Let’s not goad the president into starting a new hot war. It’s dismaying that we have been largely silent on the devastating Saudi bombing of Yemeni people for the past four years, but we were so quick to mobilize to protect the Saudi oil fields. The Persian Gulf is a tinderbox. The current crisis can only be solved diplomatically not by using “live ammunition.”

Azam Houle, Boise


I believe civilian passengers (infants, children and adults) standing on the tarmac at the Boise Airport will have their hearing damaged by F-35 jets. Hundreds of passengers stand near the Horizon Air gates every day and wait for their carry-on luggage to be handed to them after they get off an Alaska/Horizon flight. These civilian passengers are only about 300 yards from the runway that F-35 jets would be using if these jets are bedded down in Boise. Infants and children have more sensitive hearing than adults, but all passengers would be at risk. We know the ground crews would be wearing ear protection as required, but the passengers would be completely vulnerable to the incredible decibel level of an F-35 jet taking off with full afterburner power. There are studies that show just a few seconds of this noise level can permanently damage human hearing. Boise is not the right place for a squadron of F-35 jets.

Robert McAndrew, Boise