Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Politics, climate change, being nice


Republicans have hitched their party and the nation’s future to an untrainable plow-horse who’ll be competing against a Democrat thoroughbred in the 2020 Presidential Derby. Elizabeth Warren’s emerging as Trump’s likely Democrat challenger. She’s clearly public enemy number one for the rich and powerful minority who’ve corrupted and controlled our political system for decades.

Warren’s relatively new to politics, and voters should review her biography on the MSNBC Headliners video. They’ll understand why those in power will spend billions in the Democrat primaries to keep her off the ballot in 2020. They realize their preferred president is un-electable and will hedge their bet by urging Democrat primary voters to reject “socialist” Warren. If they can’t con voters into reelecting Trump, they’ll settle for a “moderate Democrat” who’ll restore “normal politics” and work with their champion of bipartisanship, Mitch McConnell.

Moderate and progressive Democrats should quickly unite behind Elizabeth Warren. She’ll help her party build a landslide movement by showing voters it’s not socialism to give them an equal voice in our democracy. Warren’s calm demeanor and teaching experience will convince open-minded voters that Republican candidates supporting Trump have lost legitimacy and cannot be trusted to reform a corrupt political system.

Alston Jones, Boise

Climate change

Are you concerned about climate change, but feeling helpless about what you can do about it? Something we can all do which is meaningful, easy and also save money: eat less meat – specifically beef.

First, the U.N. report authored by more than 100 scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found that emissions from land use – agriculture and logging – cause nearly a quarter of human-induced greenhouse gases. Practices like deforestation, soil degradation and destruction of land-based ecosystems are part of the problem.

Second, pound for pound, methane has 25 times the environmental impact of carbon dioxide over a 100-year period. Because they are ruminants, they burp and fart, and cattle, sheep and goats emitted 170 million metric tons of methane in 2016 in the U.S. Two million head of cattle are slaughtered every month in the U.S. and more are imported.

Not ready to give up meat yet? Just cutting our consumption of beef can have a big impact. One meatless day per week can save the greenhouse gas equivalent of driving 1,160 miles. Think about it, and go with Michael Pollan: eat food, mostly plants, not too much.

Sue Petersen, Hailey


On Sept. 11, my car was hit in the parking lot of the Walmart store on Fairview. The woman who hit my car, did not leave me a note. She just went into the store to shop. She made no attempt to have the store locate me. A man and his wife, witnessed it and took a picture of her car and license plate. They left me a note with their number. I did not see the note until I was driving down the road. I got the note and looked at my car. I called them and the man sent me the picture, via a text message. I contacted the sheriff’s office and they took the information and contacted the witness. They later came to my home and took a picture of my car. The woman cannot be found. Her license plate is not registered with her current address. This is a perfect example of someone doing the wrong thing and another person doing the right thing. I will probably have to pay for the damage to my car. Be a good citizen. If you hit someone’s car, leave a note.

Becky Ridenour, Boise

Climate change

Leonard Pitts asserted correctly that with climate change, political stances have trampled on science. We have a war on the alleged culprit, CO2, the very building block of everything that grows. Icelanders are spending millions on removing CO2 from the air. If they got that level down to 150 parts per million, life would cease. Water vapor, the major greenhouse gas, is ignored for obvious reasons. Even the youth could not be duped to declare war on clouds.

“The truth is,” declares Pitts, science is the key to truth. So, what does science say? Natural forces for millions of years have moved continents around the globe. Natural forces have periodically and repeatedly covered the earth in ice and then melted most of it. The last five warm periods were warmer than the one we now have. Natural forces have produced violent events we humans can hardly imagine. Increases in CO2 always came after the warming. Recently, several decades of cooling or flatlined temperatures occurred while CO2 was increasing. Conclusion; CO2 is not the control knob of warming.

These powerful natural forces have not abated. Fighting climate change is a fool’s errand. We humans adjust.

Bruce C. Anderson, Nampa