Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, Islam, climate change


Regarding taking action against Iran, Trump is being quoted as saying: “The Saudis will have a lot of involvement if we decide to do something. They’ll be very much involved, and that includes payment.” What? Trump is threatening military action against Iran for an alleged attack on Saudi oil refineries, and we are going to attack Iran as a result, and the Saudis are going to pay us to do that? Why can’t the Saudis use the billions of dollars worth of military equipment we sell them to do their own fighting? Iran and the Saudis have their own issues. There is no reason for us to be involved, and Trump has no authority to engage Iran militarily over this. Just another example of King Trump at his best, protecting his investment in the Saudis.

Robert Elgee, Hailey

Russian collusion

I have serious concerns about the ongoing collusion with Russia by this administration (whistleblower story concern). There has been active collusion and obstruction over the last, at least two years. Parties aside, political differences aside, I urge Sen. Crapo to call this behavior out and stop it. Trump is obstructing justice and colluding. I urge Sen. Crapo to at least look into the current issues. After all the senator is in office for the sane people of Idaho, as well.

Le Dawson, Meridian


The gentleman who used his mother and grandmother’s story to elicit sympathy for all refugees failed to take into account that not everyone has pure motives. “CAIR” founder, Omar Ahmad said, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only (emphasis added) accepted religion on Earth.”

“Refugees” of that group cannot be vetted to learn whether they intend to follow the teaching of that book. There is no way to know if they plan to act on the several verses that say, “Thou shall kill the infidel wherever you find him.” Naturally, they won’t start killing people until their proportion of the population is high enough that they think they can get away with it. As we have seen demonstrated in Europe, some of them do kill. These, and human traffickers and drug smugglers, etc. have been found slipping in through Mexico.

This is not the kind of refugee who came to America in the past, looking to become American. President Trump’s protecting Americans from likely terrorist violence is not cruelty; it’s his job.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell

Climate change

Have you seen the most recent issue of Time magazine? The entire issue is devoted to climate change. The stories are gruesome and terrifying in their glimpse of our own future. Many of my Idaho neighbors deny climate change; right along with our president and our Congressional delegation. The science is settled, and the signs are obvious to anyone paying attention. I have given up trying to change those minds relating to believing the science. But perhaps an appeal to these individuals to try and make our planet a more safe and welcoming home to their children and grandchildren might gain a little traction?

So that is what I propose. Look at what is happening and then think about how you will answer the questions of these youngsters when they ask you what you did about it. We are seeing only the opening chapters of what will happen due to humans knocking the planet off its climate foundation. Time is short and the projected consequences are dire and will scar all of us. This is a fight for survival of our species.

What did you do when you were confronted with this data and these dire consequences in 2019?

John Lodal, Boise