Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Masculinity, growth, kindness

Letter response

First I’d like to address the assumption that Mr. Harris made about my sex, in a December letter to the editor. I am in fact a man, which I should have addressed as that does change the way that my letter may have been interpreted. In addition to what you mention, Mr. Harris, that it is “toxic males” that have fought and died so that we may have the freedom to have this conversation. I am one of those males, having served for 11 years including a tour in Afghanistan. Mr. Harris is conflating the term “toxic masculinity” with masculinity. I do not belief that being a masculine male in any way has negative effects on society, and I agree that the advocacy of any one group over the other would be toxic. Our sons not being taught the burden of responsibility that comes with being masculine has an influence on how men behave in society. Mix a sense of entitlement and suppression of emotional outlet, you get pent-up hostility at a society that rejects any positive emotional outlet for males. Men can be men without being a suppressed emotional time bomb.

Mykl T. Schmidt, Meridian

Welcome to Idaho

I am a native of the Great State of Idaho. Do I love the growth? Yes. It creates jobs for all Idahoans. It also creates a tax base that helps pay for a good education for our kids and other community services. As a result of growth, new companies want to do business here. No, I don’t like the traffic. Most of all, though, I don’t like the terrible attitude of all of us “friendly” Idahoans. I hate to see those dumb bumper stickers that berate Californians. It is a shame that someone is making money on those.

I was born and raised in Idaho but I moved to California in the ‘80s when you could not find a job in Idaho. Subsequently I earned my bachelor’s degree at a California public college. Then I came home when there were jobs again.

In California I saw the owners of cherry orchards in San Jose give way to the growth, selling the family farm to developers. We came from all over the world, and California accommodated us. No one in California ever had a picture of Idaho on their car with a bullet pointed at it.

Why can’t we just say to all newcomers, “Welcome. Please enjoy, and do your best to help keep our state friendly and great.”

Robyn Crosby, Meridian

Thank you

My wife, Kathe, and I were in town visiting Kathe’s brother, Jerry Wood and his partner Deb Reinhardt. Jerry and Deb enjoy living in Eagle and this past Sunday evening demonstrated to us that the generous people who live here are an important reason.

We were seated at the Oak Barrel of Eagle, getting ready to enjoy an al fresco dinner. Suddenly, Jerry began coughing, stood up and whispered that he could not breathe. Jerry is a tall, large man, and Kathe and I were unable to successfully administer the Heimlich maneuver. A young man, several tables away, having dinner with his wife and young son, stepped in, administered the Heimlich, and cleared Jerry’s air passage. We thanked him profusely but, unfortunately, neglected to get his name.

Then, during dessert we saw two young men trying to push a pickup truck through the intersection. Suddenly, two other young men stopped their pickup truck and immediately added their strength to the task, clearing the intersection.

We are so thankful that the young man had the presence of mind and skill to save Jerry’s life and we look forward to coming back to Eagle again.

Kathe Falzer, Charlottesville, Va.

Meridian mayor

Have you seen the city of Meridian mayor’s letter she recently sent to all residents? It might be worth getting a copy of it. In the letter, the mayor tells us to vote for Mr. Simison for mayor.

This letter was mailed with from City Hall. Isn’t this a questionable use of taxpayer money?

Jackie Gilman, Meridian