Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Mayors, voting, city council

Mayor’s staff

The city staff are the employees hired by Mayor Bieter to review everything that goes before the City Council and give their recommendations on how to vote. This results in 75% unanimous votes (Nampa 24%, Meridian 33%.) This has allowed the mayor to take every taxpayer dollar despite having $250 million contingent appropriation = slush fund and taxing fixed income citizens out of their homes. It also allows Mayor Bieter to choose clamorous popular expensive projects while Boise is 48 police officers short and six fire stations short, thus endangering the safety and well-being of all Boiseans (Oregon Trail fire one dead, homes burned).

The staff infection has spread to the fire chief who said in 2007 and 2010 that the best place for a fire station was Pierce Park to close coverage gaps now (to accommodate developers?) he claims it’s Gary Lane. Mayor Bieter and City Council reward and encourage developers from all over the country who find Boise easy without restrictions they are used to. Boise has plenty of money but poor priorities.

Sewer bill raised again, stop the infection, time for new leadership.

David Bennett, Boise

George Will

Regarding George Will’s commentary about Democrats might change their minds about the popular vote. His commentary is misleading, since there is already a system in place “that enhances the political weight of the less populous states.” Each of the four small states he mentioned (Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Vermont) have representatives in Congress based on their populations, which is fair, as all states get representatives based on their populations. But those same four small states each have two senators in the senate, providing them with the same “political weight” as larger states like California, New York, Texas and Pennsylvania. So let’s make voting fair for all. One person, one vote. Make each vote count, regardless of where you live. Eliminate the Electoral College. We elect senators, congresspersons, governors, et al, via popular vote. We need to do the same with presidential voting. And make sure each state has paper ballots to back up electronic systems for accountability purposes.

Bill Burns, Boise

Little Roberts for mayor

Anne Little Roberts is our choice for Meridian mayor. My wife and I recently relocated to Meridian from Las Vegas. We chose to make Meridian our home because of the great amenities, outdoor activities, wonderful weather and especially because of the friendly people we met. We find Meridian to be a charming hospitable city.

I met Anne Little Roberts when she came to our door and invited us to an event at Lakeview Golf Club. Living in that area, my wife and I took her up on the invitation and met with her. We found Anne to be intelligent, well-versed on city issues and very open to listening to our concerns. I have since been to other events where Anne has been available to meet with Meridian citizens, and after doing research on candidates running for election this November, my wife and I have decided that the best choice for Meridian mayor is Anne Little Roberts.

Her views on wise growth for Meridian and public safety are spot on. She understands the issues and knows the people to collaborate with to guide Meridian into the future. Our vote on Nov. 5 is for Anne Little Roberts, Meridian mayor.

Alan Helms, Meridian

Debbie Lombard Bloom

Candidate for Boise City Council Debbie Lombard Bloom wants to keep citizen voices at the forefront of city planning and decision-making processes. Debbie listens and takes seriously what residents and organizations serving Boise are saying. Debbie is attending all kinds of agency and city meetings to learn more about the issues facing residents and Boise city government. As a lifelong Idahoan, Debbie Lombard Bloom celebrates our past while looking to the future needs of our growing city. Debbie’s focus is on safety – fire and police services; transportation – Valley Regional Transit because Boise City recently committed to spending 5% of the general fund for Valley Regional Transportation, Debbie wants to see more ridership and explore consideration of a fare-free bus system to help alleviate some of our congestion on our roads.

And about the “new” library – which finally is seeing some brakes put on the process. Debbie wants every city resident to have an opportunity to weigh in, to be heard, and to be able to make a difference. Local government is about we the people. Let’s elect Debbie Lombard Bloom to Seat 5 so that a new voice provides improved vision and leadership based on our ideas.

Ernest J. Lombard, Eagle