Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Environment, intersection, Trump


Our beautiful mountain scenery and natural areas are a huge part of what makes Idaho so unique. In this age of environmental destruction, we need to take action to stop our unique natural environment from being destroyed. We must reduce pollution and deforestation, and protect biodiversity in our state. On a broader scale, we must work to combat threats to our environment such as air pollution and climate change. If we want our grandchildren to be able to experience pristine forests and mountains, we must work every day to ensure that those opportunities remain possible.

Nicole Donald, Boise

Nampa intersection

The intersection of Middleton Road and Flamingo Avenue in Nampa has to be one the most ill-conceived intersections I've ever seen. This is a busy intersection and to block the main north-south traffic with vehicles yielding to turn left while using the right lane for right turn only shows a total lack of understanding of the traffic patterns and creates an unnecessary bottleneck. The light should be changed a no yield left turn or the left lane should be turned into left-only and the right lane turned into a thru lane. I really don't know what the civil engineers were thinking.

Trent Glover, Nampa


On Dec. 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Hatred spread across America like a wildfire. This was a righteous and justifiable hate. It is unbelievable how united the people were. The same can be said about the reaction after 9-11. There are times when hate can be beautiful and uniting. But the hate that Trump has displayed against millions of Americans is not beautiful; it is as ugly as he is. Trump hates every Democrat and everyone who disagrees with him. This includes opposing Republicans, the French, the Germans, the Brits, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Iraqis, the Chinese, an old white man, like myself, and yet he loves the Russians. And the question still lingers......why?

Roy Lunsford, Kuna

Gun bans

Thanks to Walmart, Fred Meyer's, Walgreen's, Target, Albertsons, CVS, Bacon, Starbucks and other retailers for asking your customers not to carry guns in your stores. This is certainly a step in the right direction for customer safety. Your efforts will contribute to saving lives and encourage other retailers to join you. Everything you are doing, from not selling ammunition to encouraging elected officials to strengthen background checks, will help stop the senseless mass shootings. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Vera Noyce, Garden City


It’s great that the state is investing in training doctors of the future through University of Washington School of Medicine’s multistate medical education program (“Idaho WWAMI is key to solving rural physician shortage,” Aug. 26). But the state can’t address its doctor shortage with graduates of domestic medical schools alone; it will need to look to international medical graduates, too.

Nearly 500,000 Idahoans live in federally designated “primary care health professional shortage areas.” International medical graduates, many of whom are U.S. citizens, play a crucial role filling these gaps. They’re “often more willing than their U.S. medical graduate counterparts to practice in rural, remote areas,” according to the American College of Physicians.

The school I lead, St. George’s University in Grenada, has sent five graduates into Idaho residency programs over the past two years. Nationwide, St. George’s is the second-largest provider of practicing physicians to the U.S. doctor workforce.

Dr. G. Richard Olds, President, St. George’s University, Grenada


President Trump has spent 96 days and $109 million taxpayer dollars golfing. He claims it’s “work.” It must go something like this: Nice drive Mr. President, you’re on the fairway. There’s been another mass shooting, shall we tweet “thoughts and prayers?” OK, done. China just canceled their soybean order, Mr. President. Hit them with a new round of tariffs? OK. Nice shot, Mr. President, you’re near the green. Democrats are criticizing you for ignoring North Korea’s missile launches. Issue a statement calling them “socialist enemies of the state?” Will do. Nice putt, Mr. President. Another good drive Mr. President, we can kick that back onto the fairway. Two more immigrants died in the Rio Grande, today. Yes, sir, they were part of the invasion.

Go ahead and take a Mulligan, Mr. President, I dropped your ball too close to the rough. Three more detainees died and they’ve run out of toilet paper again. Yes, of course, sir, we’ll blame the Democrats. You’re pin high, sir, that’s a gimmie, I’ll just pick up your ball. The press is claiming you’ve spent too much time golfing. “Fake news,” again, Mr. President? Done. Next hole is this way, sir.

Paul Oman, Clarkston