Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Teachers, climate, ACHD

Support teachers

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor from Don Layne of Cascade dated Sept 13. I’m so tired of hearing how little teachers work. Let’s set the record straight. Don’s comments undermine and disrespect the profession and come from a place of ignorance. That may not have been his intention, but that’s what he revealed. The reality is this... Teachers arrive to school each day prior to the kids and stay late. They often work nights and weekends to catch up and prepare for the following week. They don’t get out for summer break when the kids do. In fact, they often work through June and return several weeks prior to the kids in August. Like other professions, their time off is more likely 4-6 weeks. So Don, your comment that teachers work 180 days a year and are off 185 days a year couldn’t be further from the truth. Teachers are extremely special and passionate people who work their tails off every day (well over 300 days/year) to insure that our children get the education they deserve. It is sadly one of the most important yet underrated professions in our country. Please understand that.

Kevin Drews, Boise

Climate change

Eugene Robertson’s ‘The current and future apocalypse’ was good but too mild, by far. We are only at the beginning of the changes we are bringing. We are currently at 1 degree Celsius of warming relative to preindustrial temperatures. We will add another 3 or 4 degrees in 80 years. Few laypeople can imagine where we are headed. A 2015 study by James Hansen, et al, examines conditions during the last interglacial that was, at most, 1 degree warmer than where we are now. Storms in the Atlantic were so severe they dredged up large boulders and hurled them onto Bahama beaches.

Scientists have called for an emergency research program on removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. It is our only hope if we want places like southern Florida or the Bahamas to remain habitable. It is a daunting problem. Human emissions of carbon dioxide, if compressed to a liquid, would fill Lake Erie in six years. We have solved big engineering problems before, but we live in a country whose government won’t even admit the problem exists. Exercise your right to remove the current leaders by voting them out of office.

Dennis Keierleber, Garden City

Endangered species

We Idahoans treasure our pets. As to wild creatures, we watch films about them, read books to our kids about them, take the kids to zoos to contemplate them. But what value do we really give to wildlife? I’m talking about the critters that have to live outside all year long, enduring Idaho’s freezing and boiling temperatures, trying to find food and shelter and raise their young in a daily battle for survival. Continuous human encroachment on their habitat, the ravages of climate change (have you heard about the Sixth Extinction?), and the current evisceration of the Endangered Species Act are operating full speed against wild critters.

Do we value our wildlife as God’s creatures, honoring their right to exist in the ever-decreasing wild lands of our state? A recently reappointed Idaho Fish & Game commissioner reportedly stated about his mission on the commission: “I look forward to continuing a legacy of providing continued supplies of wildlife for hunting, fishing, and trapping.” This is the state agency charged with “managing” Idaho’s wildlife. I guess this pretty much states the value Idaho’s government gives to wildlife. It makes this citizen ashamed. If you agree, you might let Gov. Little know.

Alyson Rene Martin, Boise

Meridian mayor

For the last several years, Meridian has been on a huge growth trajectory. There’s no surprise that with growth comes housing issues, school overcrowding, traffic congestion, increased crime, etc. While the mayor does not have control over some of these things, they do have influence. Robert Simison already has relationships built with outside entities that help the city thrive and grow at a responsible rate. Robert has been instrumental in forming the city’s long-term comprehensive plan. He has vision, leadership and most importantly the skill set to manage one of the fastest-growing communities in the nation.

Now is not the time for “on-the-job training.” We need proven leadership from someone who has a vision for a family-friendly, safe community to raise our families. Robert has stood shoulder to shoulder with Mayor Tammy for the last 12 years. He already knows the ins and outs of managing the city. He knows what’s working and what isn’t working. Robert has fresh ideas and his own vision to enhance and improve our city.

I have no doubt that with Robert Simison as our mayor, we will continue to be one of the best cities in the country.

Leasa Stricklin, Meridian

ACHD land grab

ACHD money and land grabbing. Orchard/Lake Hazel and Gowen Road money grab and wasting. When extending Lake Hazel if ACHD would have left out the two useless big turns they put in Lake Hazel, they would have had enough funds and product to connect Lake Hazel to Gowen/Orchard at the light they have already installed at the Gowen/Orchard intersection. I have seen no traffic counters in ether places to warrant this project. In their wisdom to make things straight, they put in big turns and waste tax dollars saying we can do whatever we want, we police ourselves, no one is watching and they think we know all and what we say is truth...not.

Tim L. Tanton, Boise