Letters to the Editor

letters to the editor

Reclaim Idaho

Initiative to tax corporations and the wealthy. Reclaim Idaho people must not be old enough to remember years ago when the lottery was approved that it was sold to us that it was for funding education. The same with some of the increases of sales taxes from 3% and eventually with temporary raise to 6% that never went away as promised. The lack of appropriate funding for Idaho education is the state government’s fault, not the corporations and assumed wealthy.

When the legislatures and governors redirected the lottery and sales tax money from education, which it was sold to us that it would be used for, they became responsible for putting the money promised for education back into funding education.

Don’t let Reclaim Idaho tax away corporations from Idaho. They came here because of fair taxes and will leave when they are no longer bearable. Reclaim Idaho, put the blame of inadequate education funding on those that caused it, the state government.

Thomas B. Norris, Meridian


School has just started, or should we even call it school? It is a place of learning all right, some more like prison, all the doors locked, security guards in place, visitors going through security checks, teachers all wearing ID tags, and some students wearing bulletproof backpacks. Now that the students are finally in class, they may learn that life has little value as we kill the unborn babies. If this isn’t immoral enough, they are not taught how to be good boys and girls, because teachers and even doctors don’t know which sex they are. There’s even confusion as to which restroom is theirs.

The “old fashioned” morality of waiting for marriage for sexual intimacy seems to be an outdated philosophy. If this was adhered to, there would be both mother and father in the home. It would reduce abortions. The effect would be today’s rate of 85% of prisoners being raised without a father in the home. Some call it free sex, but is very costly with millions plagued with HIV, STD, making it necessary to vaccinate for HPV. Has morality been removed from the dictionary? Our kids are getting an education all right.

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise


Thanks to our freedom of speech, it has become a well-worn custom to criticize our leaders, sometimes to the point where it seems they can’t do anything right. While some criticism may be undeserved, this custom has proven to be one of our greatest assets. A wise and humble leader can listen to criticism, weigh its merits, and use it constructively to better our country. A less capable leader, so easily wounded by criticism that he lashes out at the critics, misses both the point and the opportunity.

As I watch “Make America Great Again, Vote Trump” signs pop up around the valley, it occurs to me that many citizens are overlooking the obvious: A good slogan does not measure the quality of a leader. Many intelligent people have realized they can no longer remain complacent and leave the management of government to chaotic people like Trump. The sheer number of presidential hopefuls are the result of people saying to themselves, “I can do better than that.”

Wayne Douglas, Eagle

Local politics

Housing and traffic are a hot topic across the state. Developers are pushing through projects at a record pace. P&Z are supposed to be our voice for rational development. But when a developer states the higher-ups in the mayor’s office has his ear, and that if P&Z denied his project that he will go before the council where the mayor is in attendance, and the mayor’s office wants to see the project go through, shouldn’t the mayor recuse themselves? Without saying I don’t need P&Z approval because council will approve it without you, it smacks of backroom negotiations. Yes, this is a matter of record and online in the minutes of a P&Z meeting. Don’t we deserve better than this? If you don’t like what is going on around you, then go to a P&Z or council meeting. Use your voice. Learn about your mayor and council members now, and not from some prepaid pat-myself-on-the back handout at voting time. Voting will be around the corner. Let fill those conference rooms and let your voice be heard.

Patricia Pitzer, Meridian


What can Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Simpson possibly be thinking by refusing to rein in Donald Trump? They know that he is completely dishonest and incompetent. They are being the opposite of patriots. I urge them to use their power and do what is actually patriotic. They must try to save our country.

This is not a matter of conservative vs liberal. This is a matter of saving our country. History, if there even is any future, will look back to see who supported the United States and who let the United States fall apart. What Sen. Crapo, Sen. Risch and Rep. Simpson does or doesn’t do now will either allow our country to be destroyed or prosper. I urge my elected officials to not let our wonderful county turn into a failed state. They need to start doing what is right and honest now. It will soon be too late to save the United States if they don’t act.

Katherine Zuckerman, Boise