Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Fair, guns, pedestrian safety

The Fair

So another Western Idaho Fair has come and gone. After 30 years of enjoying this yearly extravaganza, I finally realized I’m long overdue in saying, “thank you.” Thank you to each and every person involved, even in the smallest way, in making this colossal event happen. Your hard work and dedication creates memories for all of us for years to come. And to Expo Idaho Director Bob Batista and all the administrators, coordinators and managers there who spearhead and oversee the fair. I can’t even imagine the planning and logistics required to pull off so successfully what has become, over all these years, a cherished family tradition with which to end the summer for so many in the Treasure Valley. You are rock stars at what you do. So with great admiration and awe, thank you so much.

Dianne Perkins, Boise


The overwhelming numbers of deaths from car accidents are accidents, while deaths from guns are deliberate murders. A car is a tool to get you from once place to another. A gun’s sole purpose is to kill. You can use a car or any other object to kill other human beings, but it’s not their function. It would be hard to walk into a school and bludgeon 20 schoolchildren to death, but with an assault rifle, it is all too easy. The United States’ rate of gun violence is astronomically higher than in any other developed country. I hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany for a year, and she had never even heard of someone being shot, but right here in the Valley, several people were murdered while she lived here. She was shocked. You have to look at countries in Latin America to find corresponding levels of violence. Guns have made us fearful and untrusting. We have to take our guns to church and the grocery store now and consider even giving our teachers guns. That is how guns are different from cars. Guns are not liberty, guns are tyranny.

Steven Sharber, Kuna

Boise Fire

A big thank you to the Boise Fire Department. I needed help with replacing my fire alarm batteries, so I called the fire department for assistance. A special thanks to Shane, Jake and Cory, who not only changed the batteries but replaced all of the fire alarms. (Unknown to me, I did not know fire alarms’ life span is approximately 10 years).

Nancy Sheets, Boise

Car shows

I am a fairly active participant in this area’s car shows, cruises, and show ‘n’ shines. I am not a member of any club, however, I want to voice my support for this valley’s diverse car clubs in arranging so many interesting activities. Moreover, nearly all of the club-sponsored events currently raise money for charitable causes or awareness of the needs of certain citizens. Shows happen at retirement centers and veterans facilities. Food is collected for food banks. Cash is donated to charities and medical research. Young people are taught valuable techniques, experienced builders share knowledge and great stories abound. Businesses put on shows as advertising, but clubs do it strictly “to do good.” In no particular order, the Barons, Vintage Gems, Bootleggers, Dunn Dirty, Gear Jammers, TV Mustangs, Mopars Unlimited, Chariots, Silver Sage Porsche Club, Death Traps, No Limits Classics, Model A, Model T, Heap Herders, British Car and TV AMC clubs all deserve our thanks. I’m undoubtedly missing some, but that’s a fault of my memory, not their importance. If you enjoy all different types of cars, please attend the shows that our local car clubs put on. You’ll enjoy it and likely help out a worthy cause to boot.

Curtis Stoddard, Eagle

Pedestrian safety

We all saw the latest pedestrian injury in Kuna on Sept. 4. I can’t help but wonder if this tragedy could have been avoided by the Kuna mayor and council. Our dear leaders keep spending money on silly enhancements rather that providing for our necessary safety.

Kuna spends big money on lighting a city park that is closed at night. They let people build new homes without sidewalks. They installed a dozen park benches on one 300-foot section of a street without pedestrians. They ignore all the kids waiting for a school bus in the mud and the dark because there are no sidewalks or street lights. Past administrations worked to improve one street a year. Not our current leaders. They spend $1.4 million on a traffic circle but force us to walk in the street. They appear to have no sense of priority or concern for our safety.

Dave Szplett, Kuna