Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Steelhead, balloons and goatheads

Steelhead recovery

The problem with our salmon and steelhead recovery is the loss of smolts at the four lower dams on the Snake River. Every person in the Northwest knows that. The dams must be bypassed and the river restored. Even the last Corps of Engineers EIS listed that as the only viable alternative that would restore our endangered salmon and steelhead runs. Where are the fish biologists with the courage to support the only workable alternative?

It is absurd to think that a “fish cannon” is the answer. Another diversion that just wastes more money. Killing sea lions is not going to solve the problem. The solution is a restored Snake River that will expedite the smolts’ travel to the ocean. Where are the guides and outfitters in this struggle? These fish have a right to survive just because they do. We ruined a billion-dollar fishery that took care of itself without any input from us.

Odos Lowery, Boise

Spirit of Boise

This morning I took my 3-year-old son to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic for the first time. I was not surprised to find that we were able to walk right up to the carefully sprawled nylon and stand by a basket for launch. Watching the look of wonder wash over his young face as the spectacular balloons came to life, I was reminded of how often I get to experience that joy with my children in our town. Frequently with little effort and little or no cost. I was thinking of the grumpy-faced older gentlemen who spend so much time perfecting and carefully transporting model trains and the villages they run through to events throughout our city. The families and companies who go all-out over Halloween and Christmas decorations to spark joy and imagination. The comic festival that our Library! and JUMP just hosted with so much to excite kids of all ages. All these endeavors of our city and its citizens that really aren’t necessary but are vital are what gives Boise its heartbeat. I am so lucky to live here and so grateful to all of you who take silly so seriously. Thank you.

Emily Marques, Boise

Vote Bieter

As a retired Boise police chief and a longtime Boise resident, I believe crime prevention and public safety are of the utmost importance in the upcoming election. Mayor Bieter has worked tirelessly to make Boise the most livable city in the country by addressing these issues head on.

At the mayor’s direction, we’ve implemented community-based partnerships to create a deeper relationship between police and the communities we serve. From National Night Out, which saw more than 50 neighborhood events this year, to school and neighborhood officers, we are working in partnerships with our communities.

Mayor Bieter has supported our most vulnerable populations by focusing on community housing projects, veterans housing, early childhood education and mental health crisis centers. By supporting these types of programs, we are providing resources and opportunities to the city’s most vulnerable while making the city kinder, safer and more welcoming.

There is no denying our city has grown, but the best parts of our character have grown alongside us due to Mayor Bieter’s leadership and expertise. That’s why he’s the only choice for mayor this November.

Mike Masterson, Boise


The city considers a section of State Street as blighted. An urban renewal district has been proposed. I have lived here for 28 years. I’ve walked and biked State Street a lot. State Street is blighted, all right.... by goathead thorny seeds. When I bike, I have to choose to either risk life by riding in traffic or ride the sidewalk, infested with a plague of weeds from 28th west to Collister. I have been punctured repeatedly, especially my aging hands. I have donated years of nonprofitable herculean prophethood to pulling these weeds. I’m getting older and stiffer. I need help to eradicate the goatheads and protect my tires and soles.

Growth has raised my residence’s property assessment and taxes. I request that the city eliminate all free radicals on State Street, in a holy war against weeds, beginning with these terrorist cells. End the goathead blight. Plus, some property tax relief for seniors might help appease me. Please note that goathead seeds contain phytosterols, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. They are medicinal and edible. I am an herbalist. I have eaten the green seeds.

It’s true. Search Tribulus terrestris.

Brent B. Mathieu, Boise