Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Guns, bullying, climate change

Climate change

Thank you to all 31 members of Citizens of Idaho for Climate Action. I appreciate the effort and the words you chose to express the need for action from our elected leaders now.

Tammy Ikonen, Boise

2nd Amendment

Once again the decided minority is attempting to enforce its will on the vast majority. First, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance got their knickers in a twist over being denied access to the festival while being armed. Now the county commissioners are unnecessarily getting involved.

The festival has been a weapons-free zone for over 35 years. Over those years, the most significant problems we have consisted of running out of food at the vendors and long lines at the restrooms.

How many of the ISAA people regularly have attended any of the shows over the decades? I feel that if armed people – other than law enforcement personnel – regularly attended the festival, it would severely affect the revenue stream as fewer people would attend. The Second Amendment starts with the phrase, “A well regulated militia.” I wonder if all the ISAA are members of a “well regulated militia.” Are they in the National Guard? Are they serving in the Armed Forces? Both qualify as a militia because everyone in the military has received extensive training in the use of firearms.

I think that ISAA members simply want to parade with guns to make themselves feel powerful.

Gil Beyer, Sandpoint


“When authorities respond: Change happens.” Since a new school year has begun, I chose to write on the topic of bullying. How can it begin? Why does it happen? What you can do to end it. Both children and adults alike are bullied, whether it takes place on the playground at school or in your workplace. In my opinion, there is a massive epidemic that is only getting worse. Some reasons people bully can be due to sexual orientation, disabilities, weight, physical features, skin and religion, just to name a few. The impact of being bullied in youth can have reprehensible and long-lasting emotional damage, often following into adulthood. Parents should teach their children to stand up for themselves by reporting it to the proper authorities. Management should have a whole section in the office handbook solely on bullying. Workers should have to read it and sign. Certain groups can be at an increased risk for suicide; not to say that people who are being bullied become suicidal, as there are other multiple risk factors such as depression and anxiety that can be at the forefront.

Visit https://dare.org/about/#MissionVision to find information on hotlines, etc.

Kelly Caufield, Nampa

DMV Racket

The Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles has a lucrative revenue racket going by requiring vehicle registrations be signed. The signature area is nondescript, hard to see, and why required? It’s a law you have to have your car insured – is that the only reason? Traffic police key in on this requirement and will ticket every time. They make thousands in revenue on this ridiculous unnecessary rule.

Jack Durham, Boise